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Cleaner Air Champions FAQs

What is a Cleaner Air Champion (CAC)?

A Cleaner Air Champion (CAC) is a member of the public who has an interest in Air Quality and has a passion to help improve it. The individual will voluntarily give up some of their own time to raise awareness of the issue and encourage members of the local community to take simple steps to reduce their impact on local air quality. They will also take part in major promotional events.

What is the Cleaner Air Champions Programme?

The Cleaner Air Champions programme is a volunteer programme organised by Tower Hamlets council to engage members of the local community to help in raising awareness of local air quality issues and to encourage others to, and assist in the reduction of local air pollution. The program will be for a 6 month trial period. Depending upon the effectiveness of the trial and resource implications the scheme will be continued after this time, extended further to other parts of the borough or suspended.

Volunteers (CACs) will provide air quality awareness information to members of the public and if possible also take part in major air quality promotional events in the borough.

What will I do?

  • Raise awareness of local air quality by speaking to individuals and providing promotional materials.
  • Take part in air quality promotional activities and events
  • Support mitigation by encouraging sustainable travel alternatives.
  • Take part in the Cleaner Air Champions launch at the Old Spitalfields Market and other similar events
  • Organise and lead local air quality initiatives with the support of the council.
  • Be able to commit some time to the programme, preferably a minimum of three hour per month.
  • Periodically report in writing/ e-mail on the activities undertaken as part of the programme
  • Promote the Air Text air pollution messaging service as a way to reduce exposure to air pollution
  • Promote awareness of Sustainable transport alternatives, car clubs, electric vehicle charging points and smoke control requirements.

What should my commitment be to the role?

As a Cleaner Air Champion you can give as little or as much time to the role as you are able to do so, but you will be expected to provide feedback at quarterly meetings on the actions that you have taken to raise awareness of air quality and the simple steps that individuals can take to reduce their negative impact on air quality. This will primarily be by providing information leaflets mainly at public awareness events.

Will I receive any support or training?

Training will be provided to the CACs by the Environmental Protection Team in association with a private consultancy on local air quality issues, what is expected of the CACs and how they can help to provide information to members of the public.

For further information on air quality please visit our website at air quality page or e-mail environmental.protection@towerhamlets.gov.uk