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Local Infrastructure Fund consultation


The council is consulting on the Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) to give local people a say in defining the infrastructure priorities for their areas.

The consultation period will run for six weeks from 27 June 2017 to 8 August 2017.

Tower Hamlets has grown rapidly in recent years, and a number of new housing and employment developments have been built across the borough. Additional growth is expected in the future and the council recognises that this can put pressure on local services and infrastructure - that is, on areas like transport, schools, healthcare facilities and parks/open spaces.

To deal with the impacts, developers are required to pay a financial contribution called the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The borough has apportioned to each LIF Area, 25 per cent of the money from which the income was generated. Please refer to the LIF Area Profile documents for the specific amounts collected so far for each LIF Area. The council must then use this money to support the development of the local area, by addressing the demands that development places on the area, and by making sure the right infrastructure is in place for residents.

In addition to understanding local people’s infrastructure priorities, the council is engaging with local people and giving them an opportunity to nominate projects that they would like to see delivered in their neighborhood. These can be new or existing projects already identified by the council in the LIF Area Profiles. Prior to the allocation of funding to any project and in line with the regulations, you will need to clearly demonstrate how the project will deliver the provision, improvement, replacement, operation and/or maintenance of infrastructure or anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area. This consultation provides local people with an opportunity to nominate up to three (new or existing) projects. 



How to get involved

You are invited to complete the following questionnaire:

Complete the questionnaire


We also invite you to attend our drop in sessions to learn more about how you can get involved:

Drop-in sessions

Idea Store Whitechapel

321 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1BU

1 July 2017


Idea Store Chrisp St

1 Vesey Path East India Dock Road, E14 6BT

5 July 2017


Alpha Grove

Isle of Dogs, London E14 8LH

8 July 2017


Idea Store Bow

Gladstone Place, 1 Roman Rd, Gladstone Pl, London E3 5ES

12 July 2017



For the purpose of administering the Local Infrastructure Fund, the council has established four profile areas, which have taken into account a range of factors, including the geographic spread of development in the borough and the designated neighbourhood forums boundaries. The four LIF consultation areas are shown in the map.

Download any of the following profiles for more information on each of the areas:

For more information, please email infrastructure.planning@towerhamlets.gov.uk.