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Role of mayor

In May 2010 the residents of Tower Hamlets voted in favour of having a directly elected mayor for the borough.

The mayor is usually elected on a four-year term of office. He has personal responsibility and executive powers with authority to delegate work through the appointment of a Cabinet of between two and eight council members.

The elected mayor is responsible for determining and delivering a wide range of policies and priorities. He also ensures that all council services are delivered effectively and efficiently. The mayor may engage advisors (Word 21k) to provide advice and assistance in specific areas of activity.

The mayor plays a key role in bringing together the different agencies working for a better borough. All public services, such as community safety or healthcare, come under the mayoral remit to deliver the best for Tower Hamlets’ residents. On the local, national and international stage the mayor will represent the borough, acting as a figurehead and champion for the borough’s interests.

The mayor has executive responsibility for the day to day running of local services and is responsible for most operational decisions about council services, except the regulatory functions (planning, licensing, appeals). The mayor exercises powers within the budget agreed by Council and is held to account by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.