Visitor scratchcards

Who can apply for visitor scratchcards

Your address in the borough is your sole or main residence where you live for a minimum of four nights a week.

The visitor’s vehicle must not exceed 2.3m (8’6”) in height or 5.2m (16’8”) in length.

Proof of residency

The main proof that we accept is your council tax reference number. For any other proofs we accept please refer to the application.


A book of scratchcards costs £15 and there are 10 scratchcards in a book.

Your books will be issued free of charge if you are aged 60 or over or you have a daily carer.

If you have to pay for the books or if you are aged 60 or over you are allowed a maximum of 24 books in a rolling 12-month period.

If you live in a car free property you are only allowed a maximum of three books, unless you are a disabled blue badge holder.

If you have a daily carer you are allowed a maximum of 48 books in a rolling 12-month period. This also applies if you live in a car-free property.

Where you can park

Your permit is only valid in parking bays signed:

  • Resident Permit Holders Only
  • Permit Holders Only or
  • Permit Holders or Pay at Machine.

Your permit is not valid in any other bay, including pay and display bays signed with ‘Pay at Machine’ only.

For important information on how or where to use your scratchcard please refer to the application.

Change of details

Please refer to the application.

Where to apply

Further enquiries

Parking helpline: 020 7364 5003 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm; Saturday, 8am to 4pm)