Visitor scratchcards

If you live in the borough and need a permit for your visitors to park their vehicle on-street or on an estate managed by Tower Hamlets Homes you can apply for visitor scratchcards. Only one application can be made at the property, unless you or another occupant has a daily carer.

Together with the application form ,you must provide your Tower Hamlets council tax reference number. If you are not the person liable for council tax, please refer to Section 7 of the application form to see what other proofs we accept.

All new applications must be made in person at your local One Stop Shop. Please note that all scratchcards are sent out in the post and you will not be able to get them over the counter. Allow plenty of time for them to arrive (normally within 5 days) and do not let yourself run out if you know you are going to need them.

If you are unable to meet the above criteria you will not qualify for a permit. However, if you would like us to consider your circumstances you must write to Parking Permits, PO Box 62475, London E14 1GL or email us at We will respond to your letter within five working days.

Download the visitor scratchcards application form (pdf, 105 kb)

Change in details

If you change your name or address you will have to make a new application and provide the relevant proofs.

How to use the scratchcard

To validate a scratchcard you must only scratch out one box in each section labelled date, hours and minutes (time of arrival) and month. Please note this is a 12-hour clock. Only one scratch card can be displayed within a vehicle at any given time. If more than one scratchcard is displayed they will be rendered invalid and a PCN may be issued.

When and where to use a scratchcard

Each scratchcard is valid from Monday to Friday for up to five hours on-street only in the mini-zone printed on the scratchcard in parking bays signed:

  • Resident permit holders only
  • Permit holders only
  • Permit holders or pay at machine.

The scratchcard is not valid for parking in bays signed differently to those above.

On Saturday and Sunday one scratchcard is valid all day, up until midnight.

Scratchcards can also be used on estates managed by Tower Hamlets Homes for parking in a designated visitor’s bay. The controlled parking times on each estate may vary – failure to comply with the controlled hours may result in the vehicle being subject to parking enforcement.

Displaying a scratchcard and resident parking permit

If you display a valid visitor scratchcard together with your resident parking permit you cannot use your three hours concession to prolong your stay in another zone, as the period of permitted parking will end when the time on the visitor scratchcard expires.

If you intend to use a scratchcard and park for more than five hours in another zone on weekdays you will have to use more than one scratchcard.

How much do visitor scratchcards cost?

Scratchcards cost £10 for a book of 10 cards; each card is valid for up to five hours. You are entitled to buy up to 24 books in a rolling 12-month period. Each scratchcard expires one year after the date of printing, and the expiry date is printed on each scratchcard. No refunds will be given for unused, damaged or expired scratchcards.

Free scratchcards for aged 60 and over

To qualify for free scratchcards you must provide one of the following:

  • Freedom Pass
  • Passport
  • Pension letter
  • Driving licence
  • Birth certificate.

Daily carer

You will only qualify for free scratchcards if the person providing care lives at a different address and drives a car. You must also provide one of the proofs below:

  • Attendance allowance award letter at the lower or higher rate for the current year, and a photocopy of the carer’s UK vehicle registration certificate (V5C) or insurance documents showing their address.
  • Disability living allowance care component award letter at the lower, middle or higher rate for the current year and a photocopy of the carers UK vehicle registration certificate (V5C) or insurance documents showing their address.

Further enquiries

Parking Services
Mulberry Place (AH)
PO Box 55739
5 Clove Crescent
London E14 1BY

Parking helpline: 020 7364 5003 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm; Saturday, 8am to 4pm)
Fax number: 020 7364 6797