Waste collections

After you have recycled and reduced as much waste as you can, we will collect the rest of your waste for landfill.

Waste collections from home

Tower Hamlets Council has introduced timed collections to a number of key roads and streets around the borough. Please click on the link below to find the daily time schedule for waste and recycling collection.

These changes apply to flatted properties without an area to store waste, on the following streets/roads:

From 10 September 2012

All the refuse and recycling will be collected via sacks from directly outside your door each day at the specific times of day. Refuse and recycling must be kept inside the property at all other times.

All other residential properties have a weekly collection.

To check your collection day please download the Domestic refuse collection timetable (Excel, 202kb).  Open the timetable, click on 'Edit' and select 'Find' from the drop down list, a 'Find' box will appear. Type in the name of your road or block of flats into the 'Find' box and press return.

If waste is collected from your doorstep please make sure it is out by 7am and is clearly visible to the collection crews from the road. 

We do not provide containers for residents for their waste so you will need to buy your own black bags. You may also want to buy a small bin to store your waste in.

We will collect your waste on the same day each week with the exception of Christmas, New Year and Bank Holidays when it is generally collected a day later. 

Underground estate refuse containers

For underground estate refuse containers please download the Underground estate refuse collection timetable (PDF, 19k)

You can help us to collect your waste by:

  • Recycling and reducing as much waste as possible
  • Placing your waste out for collection only on the scheduled day of collection
  • Bagging the waste before putting it into the container and making sure waste sacks are tied up 
  • Keeping the area around the waste container clear on the day of collection so that we can move it to the vehicle

Clinical waste collectionsClinical waste

Clinical waste is any waste that poses a threat of infection to humans. Examples of clinical waste include:

  • Human or animal tissue
  • Blood or other bodily fluids (but excluding nappies or incontinence pads)
  • Drugs or other pharmaceutical products 
  • Swabs or dressings 
  • Syringes, needles or other sharp instruments

We will collect clinical waste from domestic properties and will dispose of it correctly. Please do not put clinical waste in with normal waste.

There is no charge for removal of clinical waste from domestic properties however you must be referred to us by your GP or nurse. 

Hazardous waste collection

Waste such as asbestos, chemicals, petrol and pesticides should not be disposed of through the usual household or business waste collections. To arrange for a collection of household hazardous waste, please contact the Corporation of London, who provide a collection service on our behalf.

The Corporation of London will collect small quantities of asbestos and hazardous chemicals, for example pesticides, petrol, paraffin, diesel, creosote and paint strippers. 

There is usually no cost for the first collection (depending on the amount of waste), but subsequent collections will be chargeable depending on the amount and type of material you have.

Assisted collections

We understand that some residents are not able to carry their recycling and waste to the appropriate location for collection. If you do not have someone who can help you move your recycling and waste to the collection point we would like to help.  To request an assisted collection or for further information please contact us.


For further information and queries please contact us:

Email: Streetline@towerhamlets.gov.uk