Council Tax reduction scheme

The Government has decided to abolish the national Council Tax Benefit scheme with effect from 1 April 2013. Council Tax benefit is to be replaced by separate local schemes for residents, which are devised and administered by individual councils.

In order to reduce the impact this will have on residents, the Council will implement a local scheme for the 2013/2014 financial year. For most residents this will be the same as the current Council Tax benefit provision.

During 2013/2014 most Tower Hamlet's residents will not experience reductions in Council Tax support if their circumstances have remained the same.

Council tax reduction

Council tax reduction helps people on low income with their council tax charge. There are two types of council tax reduction:

  • main council tax reduction
  • alternative maximum council tax reduction

The amount of main council tax reduction awarded varies according to the income, savings and personal circumstances of the claimant and anyone else living in their household. The amount of alternative maximum council tax reduction ignores the claimant’s income and savings and is based upon the income of other people (but not the partner) living in the claimant’s household.

Although the scheme is administered by local councils the rules used to work out entitlement are decided by central government. Tower Hamlets benefits service has no discretion to make changes to those rules.

How to claim

To make a new claim for council tax reduction you need to complete a Tower Hamlets full claim form. The claim form must include full details of the claimant's family, household composition, income and savings. We must see original evidence to support this.

After a claim has been made and put into payment it is not normally necessary to complete another full form unless there is a break in your entitlement.  

Online claim form

The quickest way to make a claim is to complete our online claim form as you only have to answer questions relevant to your circumstances.

To request a paper form

Tel 020 7364 5001

If the claim form is completed and returned within one calendar month of the date it was requested, then the date it was requested will be treated as the claim date.

Alternatively you can visit one of the council's One Stop Shops. If the form is completed and returned within one calendar month of being handed out, then the date it was requested will be treated as the date of claim.