There are a range of walks available in Tower Hamlets, from shorter health walks to cultural walks and guided walks.

Walking at Mudchute farm

Each leaflet traces routes through historic parts of the borough, taking in a myriad of buildings and landmarks of interest on the way.

The walks range from 0.5 to 2.5 hours and are designed to start and finish close to a tube or DLR station.

You can download the leaflets from these pages, and they are also available free of charge from local libraries, other council buildings and London Tourist Information offices.

Walks by area

East End Life walks

Each month for a year, Graham Barker guided you through a new walk in a series of walks featured in East End Life. Here you can find all the walks featured.

Health walks and guided walks

History and culture walks

A spring in your step

Why not include walking as part of your daily journeys? Maybe you could get off the bus a stop or two early, walk to the shops rather than drive, or walk to work one day a week.

Not only is walking great for your health, but it can save money and time. Studies show that people who walk at least part of the way to work are more productive, happier and take less time off sick. 

Other walks and information