Volunteers play a vital role within the delivery of youth work in Tower Hamlets.

As a volunteer you will become part of the team by providing high quality service to other young people in the borough.

Integrated Youth and Community Services have a variety of volunteering opportunities within the borough. They are suitable for both young people and adults.

Youth services are able to tailor the duties to ensure they are appropriate for your age and ability.

We currently have opportunities for individuals to work in offering advice, youth work, outdoor education and the arts. The role we are regularly looking for includes:

  • General youth work volunteer
  • Youth advice volunteer
  • Young person representative
  • Administration volunteer
  • Peer educator

Some volunteering opportunities provide nationally recognised training for free. All volunteers will receive recognition towards their professional career development as well as ongoing support from the wider service.

Volunteering opportunities typically last between three and twelve months although we’re happy to negotiate to work around your other commitments. Volunteering arrangements can be flexible but tend to be between three and 21 hours per week.

For more information on applying for volunteering opportunities within Tower Hamlets Integrated Youth and Community Services, please contact Robert McKenzie on 020 7364 4839 or email robert.mckenzie@towerhamlets.gov.uk