Tender opportunities

Where are contracts advertised?

Where we advertise for contracts depends upon the type, value and legal requirements for awarding such contracts.

Service and supply contracts that reach OJEU levels are advertised in the Official Journal for the European Union (OJEU) and on our website. This OJEU publication is available in electronic form – either in CD-ROM format or via online access (through the internet) to the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) database.

All tenders over £25,000 but below OJEU level are advertised on our website and CompeteFor, except for construction projects which are advertised on the Construction Line website. You can find more details on where we advertise on our selling to Tower Hamlets page.

Currently advertised opportunities

The following opportunities are currently available for tender in the London Tenders Portal.To be able to express an interest you must be registered on the portal. The registration is free of charge.

Note: organisations selling to Tower Hamlets are required to confirm their acceptance to the Ethical Governance Protocol.

Sexual health and genito-urinary medicine services

The terms by which the London Borough of Tower Hamlets wishes all suitably qualified and CQC-registered providers to provide sexual health and genito-urinary medicine services to residents of the borough are available on the council’s Sexual health suppliers webpage. These terms provide details of qualifying criteria, price and payment mechanisms. The provision of any sexual health or contraceptive services to Tower Hamlets residents from April 1, 2014 is undertaken on the basis of acceptance of these terms.

London Tenders Portal supplier registration guide

The council uses the London Tenders Portal as its e-tendering system. Organisations wishing to express their interest in providing goods, works and services advertised by the council must register their interest (for free) via the council's e-tendering system unless otherwise stated. Please allow sufficient time to register (at least one working day). The council accepts no liability whatsoever for expressions of interest and PQQs that are not received due to internet connectivity issues, transmission delays or errors. A supplier registration guide (PDF, 638kb) has been created to help potential providers use the portal.

Public Contracts Register

The Public Contracts Register is a searchable database of contracts held by most of the local authorities in the Greater London area.

Procurement forward plan

The council procurement forward plan outlines council's future contract activity. Visit the quarterly Contract forward plan for more information.