Evidence base

The Council has prepared a suite of evidence base documents to support the production of the Local Plan and other supplementary guidance. The documents below are available to download and are also available to view at the Council’s planning office.

Managing Development Document and Fish Island AAP Evidence Base

The following evidence base documents were produced between 2010-2012 to specifically inform the adopted Managing Development Document (MDD) (2013) and the Fish Island Area Action Plan (FI AAP) (2012). The evidence developed for the adopted Core Strategy (further below) also informed the MDD and FI AAP.

Please note the FI AAP now forms part of the Local Plan for London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC).

Core Strategy Evidence Base

The following evidence base documents were produced to specifically inform the adopted Core Strategy (2010).

Housing development survey (2008)

Tower Hamlets is experiencing high levels of population growth. The council and its partners, including the Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust, want to ensure we plan for this growth and provide the right local services in the right places to meet the needs of all residents in the borough.

Following several discussions with the Partnership’s Excellent Public Services Community Plan Action Group, it was agreed that a local model designed to predict population change and growth should be developed into a partnership wide tool. In addition, an annual New Housing Development Survey was instituted so that its results will be fed into the Planning for Population Change and Growth Model.

In this regard, the D&R Information and Equalities Team in conjunction with the Strategic Planning Team conducted the New Housing Development Survey 2008 and again in 2009 to help gather essential information on population change and growth in the borough.

Open space strategy (2006)

Urban structure and characterisation study (2009)

Strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA) Level 1 (2009)

Sustainability appraisals for the interim planning guidance

Submission version

Please note that for Submission, the council has added the following errata (pdf 208k) and clarifications (pdf 41k) on the above documents. Please read the errata and clarification lists alongside the documents.

Waste evidence-base report

Sustainable energy and enhanced biodiversity report

In recognition of the important role planning has to play in responding to climate change, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets commissioned Land Use Consultants (LUC) and the National Energy Foundation (NEF) in February 2007 to undertake a study investigating the potential for renewable energy and biodiversity enhancement opportunities within the borough.

Central area property study

The following evidence base documents are too large to be uploaded onto the council’s website. However, hard copies are available to view at the council’s planning office. In addition, if you require a CD version please contact us using the information below.

  • Spatial Baseline report (comprising of six reports)

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