Council gets tough on boozy misbehaviour

By Lara Cerroni

September 5, 2011

TOWER Hamlets streets will become a no-go zone for drunken troublemakers, as the council and police start to use new powers to tackle anti-social behaviour this month.

Tower Hamlets is to become a Responsible Drinking Borough and, although the move does not ban drinking in public, it has been introduced to crack down on drunken misbehaviour to help make residents feel safer.

The extra powers involved come into effect this Monday, September 5 and provide the police and council officers with the ability to react quickly and effectively to drink-related nuisance.

They will be able to stop people and request them to cease drinking and, if they fail to do so, demand, confiscate and/or dispose of any alcohol within the boundaries of Tower Hamlets.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman said: “Community safety is a key concern for residents, and that makes it my priority. These new powers provide the council and police with more tools to tackle alcohol-related anti-social behaviour.”

The decision to introduce the Responsible Drinking Borough follows an overwhelmingly positive response to a council-led consultation earlier this year when 84 per cent of residents backed its introduction. Signs have been placed at key points across Tower Hamlets to make sure that visitors are aware of the new rules.

Previously the borough had three drinking control zones – in Whitechapel, Bethnal Green and Shoreditch. Although successful, they led to troublemakers moving on and continuing their bad behaviour in other parts of the borough.