'Mayor's Aim Higher' programme has been launched in Tower Hamlets

The Mayor's Aim Higher programme will replace and build on the outcomes of the national 14-19 programme, which was dismantled by the government in 2011. It is designed to ensure that young people have the essential Career Management, employability and academic skills they need to build a successful and rewarding career.

It will also support Tower Hamlets schools in raising achievement and attainment, whilst reducing drop out Post 16, and will help to improve access for young people to some of the top universities in the UK.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman said: “Educating our young people is one of my top priorities and we’re doing a number of things to support pupils at all levels. The Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme is helping us provide excellent facilities for our pupils. Following the scrapping of the EMA, we’ve also reintroduced support to post-16 students with the Mayor’s Education Award, so that students are able to continue in full time education and progress into higher education. This will help them have better life chances and access higher paid jobs. We’re also supporting our youth services and have invested £10 million – more than any other London borough – to improve opportunities for young people as they progress on their journey into adulthood. The Mayor's Aim Higher programme is designed to give students a taste of university life and guide them along into post-16 opportunities.”

Councillor Oliur Rahman, Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Families said, "This is a fantastic initiative. Education is a an absolute priority for the council, and we will continue to support our young people and schools to achieve and attain all that is possible." 

Alasdair Macdonald, headteacher at Morpeth, said: “Tower Hamlets is one of the most improved areas in terms of education and that’s because everyone has made it a priority. The success story here is a fantastic one. Colleagues in other parts of London haven’t had the same support. Tower Hamlets is doing incredibly well but improvements are needed at age 18. Aim Higher will give us the opportunity to offer pupils the same chances as their better off peers in other parts of the country.”

Shazan Miah, 17, Cambridge Heath Sixth Form student, said: “At the moment I’m not entirely sure what I want to do but I have ambitions to go to uni to study business.”

Paris Walker, 16, Cambridge Heath Sixth Form student, said: “I want to go to uni outside London to do psychology. I know what I want to do because I’m studying A-level psychology but help with getting work experience would be useful.”

Ishita Sardar, 17, Cambridge Heath Sixth Form student, said: “There are some people doing A-levels because they’re good at the subjects but they might not know what they want to do so mentoring would help them.”

Abida Begum, 16, Cambridge Heath Sixth Form student, said: “I want to be a midwife and know I have to go to uni to train but I’m not sure where yet. I would benefit from having somebody to help me take control of my future.”


December 6, 2012