Statement on council expenses

Further to the publication of information about council expenses over the weekend, the council has issued the following statement:

The council policy on travel expenses for its staff to attend work related events is set out clearly on page 50 of our employee handbook. Such expenses are reimbursed at 'the available cheap rate or ordinary return fare, whichever is the lower.'

In instances where officers incur expenses in excess of the lowest available fare, they are duty bound to reimburse the council the outstanding balance. This is exactly what has happened in the instance of the two officers cited in the Sunday Express report.

In response to comments from the Local Government Minister, Mayor Lutfur Rahman added: “If Brandon Lewis is really concerned about protecting council budgets in order to help poorer communities he could use his opportunity at the Tory conference to oppose its plans for a further £10 billion of welfare cuts.”

October 9, 2012