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2013 - 2014


Parking & Mobility Services in Tower Hamlets is proud to publish the 2013/14 annual account in the same format as the 2012/13 annual account.This report not only covers all our parking enforcement activity but also demonstrates the wider work and successes of Parking & Mobility Services over the financial year 2013/14 and the role that it plays in the community for all our stakeholders.

Our vision is for Parking & Mobility Services to be a flagship in service delivery by using the newest technology, being customer-focussed, transparent, robust in enforcement and efficient in overall service provision.

We hope that you find this annual report informative and that it helps to demonstrate the purpose of Parking

& Mobility Services across Tower Hamlets, which includes maintaining a safe and efficient traffic flow across the Borough, ensuring safe and fair parking for all stakeholders whilst at the same time providing accessible transport facilities for those customers that need it.


The need for parking controls in Tower Hamlets is evident. In 1994 the Council assumed enforcement of such controls under the Road Traffic Act 1991, which was replaced by the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) on 31 March 2008, allowing civil parking enforcement to be carried out by authorities across England and Wales.

The aim of the TMA is to provide a consistent set of regulations and procedures throughout England and Wales, while allowing parking policies to suit local circumstances. It also seeks to ensure that the system is fair to the motorist as well as effective in enforcing parking contraventions when they occur.

London authorities also have additional powers of enforcement that do not exist outside the capital. For example, only London authorities have legislation to cover enforcement of moving traffic contraventions and footway parking.

Guidance issued under the TMA states that enforcement authorities should publish an annual report six months after the end of the financial year.This is Tower Hamlets’ sixth annual report.

This document covers all parking enforcement activity from 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014 whilst providing additional information on the service as a whole.

Parking & Mobility Services Objectives and Focus

In February 2013,Tower Hamlets Parking & Mobility Services produced its first Vision and Mission which you can find in our TMA Annual Report for 2012/13.

The Vision and Mission form the basis of what the service continually aims to achieve, which places the customer at the forefront of everything that we do.The Vision and Mission focuses on the customer while aiming to be robust and transparent in our overall service provision as well as operating efficiently and effectively to ensure value for money for the Council, the residents of Tower Hamlets and the community that we serve.

Our Vision and Mission provides the goals for the service and gives a clear direction to staff as well as forming

part of our service objectives in 2012/13 and 2013/14.

We believe that the service has improved across many areas in order to achieve our Vision and Mission and the team worked tirelessly throughout 2013/14 to deliver a customer-focussed service that delivers value for money.

As well as being one of the smallest boroughs in London,Tower Hamlets is one of the most densely populated, faced with ever increasing traffic and demand on parking space like other London Boroughs. Parking & Mobility Services manages parking and traffic schemes and strives to balance the needs from all its stakeholders.

The net result of balancing the needs and expectations from all customers is that parking and traffic enforcement is a significant activity for the Council and consequently has great impact and immediate relevance to our residents, visitors and businesses.

A level of parking provision is important for the Borough and for the convenience of residents and visitors alike. It must, however, be recognised that parking space and availability is directly linked to traffic volume, which is linked to traffic congestion, pollution and noise, as well as damaging health and climate change impacts. A careful balance must therefore be struck between parking provision, parking controls, levels of charges and enforcement.This is in order to ensure that we optimise the social, environmental and economic wellbeing for local citizens, as well as for sustainability and environmental issues.

Tower Hamlets Council is committed to the community and customers that it serves and this has been

reflected in our Vision and Mission.

Delivering Customer Service

Following on from our service improvements throughout 2013/14, the service began working towards ISO 9001:2008. In 2013, Parking & Mobility Services published its Customer Charter, which sets out the service commitments

to its customers.This has helped customers understand the standards the service is aiming to achieve and set

the quality to measure the service against.

Our Customer Charter sets out our promises and commitments to all our customers to be transparent in what we can deliver to the community and ensure that our staff adhere to this at all times.

In 2013/14, the Charter was published on our website, promoted in the Council’s One Stop Shop display screens and in all our Parking & Mobility offices to set out our service targets and ensure that Customer Service is delivered to all residents and visitors to the Borough.

In line with our ISO standards, the service slightly updated its Customer Charter and continues to aim to

deliver the customer promises and commitments that it states.

This continues to be promoted on our website and gives a clear direction for all our staff on our expectations. Our updated Customer Charter can be seen on page 4.

Parking & Mobility Services Customer Charter


Tower Hamlets

Parking & Mobility Services Customer Charter

Our customer promise:

Why the Council regulates parking and traffic schemes:

What we expect from you:

  • Staff will identify themselves and their section

  • Be polite, helpful and honest

  • Treat you with respect

  • Treat you fairly

  • Listen to your views

  • Make it clear what we can and cannot do

  • Be accountable for the service we provide

  • Consider your needs when designing our service

  • Deliver services that anticipate your needs

  • Admit when things go wrong and do our best to put them right

  • To comply with the statutory legislation and appropriate policies

  • To balance the needs of all road users

  • To enable the most vulnerable to be able to travel

  • To support and stimulate the local economy

  • To contribute to the delivery of general transport strategy and objectives

  • To improve road safety for all stakeholders

  • To reduce congestion

  • To contribute to improving the environment

  • To manage kerbside space

  • That you make reasonable efforts to check for signs, suspension notices and the like when parking

  • That you have the money available for pay & display before you park or use our pay by phone service

  • That you buy enough time to cover your stay allowing for the possibility of being delayed

  • That you do not ignore a Penalty Charge Notice, notice to owner or other documentation from us

  • That you provide as much information as possible and enclose proof if you have any when making an appeal

  • That you renew your permit before the expiry date

  • That you check that your ticket, permit or badge is clearly displayed before leaving your vehicle

  • That you inform us of any problems you encounter when parking or are not sure of something - don’t wait until you receive a Penalty Charge Notice

  • That you assist us in managing abandoned vehicles

  • That we receive the necessary documentation for mobility services applications

  • That your vehicle is correctly registered with the DVLA

  • That you provide the required documentation to accompany Mobility Support applications

Parking & Mobility Services Commitment to Provide a Quality Service:

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) – We will consult with all relevant stakeholders regarding amendments to CPZs in their area.

Disabled bays – We will aim to install all disabled bays within 6 months of request subject to meeting the Council’s criteria.

Abandoned Vehicle Service – An Officer will visit a reported vehicle to assess whether it can be removed as abandoned within 48 hours of being reported. When a vehicle is confirmed as abandoned it will be removed within 48 hours of being legally permitted.

Parking Permits – We will post permits and scratchcards within 5 working days of receiving an application that meets the necessary approval criteria.

Mobility Support – We will process applications for discretional Freedom Passes, Taxicards and Blue Badges within 14 days of receipt.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) – We aim to respond to challenges and representations against PCNs within 21 days (our statutory requirement is 56 days).

Emergency Parking Enforcement – We aim to remove vehicles blocking driveways, using disabled parking bays without displaying a valid badge or causing serious danger or obstruction within 2 hours of being reported during our specified times.

Complaints – We will reply to you within 10 working days; however please note that there is a separate legal process for challenging a PCN.

We will process applications for suspensions and skips within 7 days of receipt and dispensations within 3 days of receipt. We will ensure that 3 days clear notice is given of suspensions.

We review continuously and seek to improve our service and value customer feedback.

Please note that the above Charter only applies to Council Highways and not Estates



Striving for Excellence

The service began working towards ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) in March 2013 and is

continuing to work towards meeting these standards.

ISO 9001 is a Quality Management Standard and is designed to create a more disciplined work environment that will save time and cost by reducing errors and helping to improve customer satisfaction, which is a key element of becoming the flagship service that Parking & Mobility Services aims to be.

ISO 9001 outlines ways to achieve, as well as benchmark, consistent performance and service and is a method that will show we are managing quality effectively and improving continually to increase customer satisfaction and help the service achieve excellence.

BSI (British Standards Institution) is the world’s most widely recognised quality management standard and when the principles of quality management are adopted, companies or departments benefit from more efficient ways of working, better cost control and fast and more effective implementation of new working practices.

ISO is a standard that’s recognised the world over and the benefits include:

The service is working hard towards reaching ISO accreditation in line with its Customer Charter and Vision

and Mission and is aiming to be awarded the prestigious Quality Kite Mark by the end of 2014.


British Parking Awards 2014

Parking & Mobility Services submitted two British Parking Awards for 2014 under the categories Exceptional Customer Service Award and Parking Partnerships Award and are pleased to announce that it was a finalist for providing Exceptional Customer Service.

The British Parking Awards are presented by Parking Review and organised by Landor LINKS and the awards recognise the leading examples of car park management, enforcement, design and team work.

Entry to the awards is free and all entries are reviewed by a panel of independent experts.There are 13 categories with set criteria for the awards and the judges look for imagination, innovation, insight and tangible evidence of achievement.

The awards provide an exceptional opportunity to associate Tower Hamlets Parking Services with excellence in the parking sector and to promote the work that the service carried out in 2013/14.


rovide a



Maintaining Support to the Most Vulnerable

Parking & Mobility Services in Tower Hamlets continues to p comprehensive mobility support service offering advice and assistance to Tower Hamlets residents in relation to Blue Badges; Freedom Passes;Taxi Cards and personalised disabled bays.

The Service continues to spend in excess of £8.6m annually to provide Freedom Passes, Disabled Bays,Taxicards and disabled persons badges for the most vulnerable.

In 2013/14, our Mobility Support Team consistently respond to applications for discretional Freedom Passes, personalised

disabled bays,Taxicards and disabled persons badges within 14

days of receipt and will continue to maintain this achievement.

National Fraud Initiative

The team took part in the National Fraud Initiative which is a bi-annual event aimed at clamping down on all types of benefi fraud with the aim of reducing this type of fraud for the benefi of all customers in the borough.

The team worked alongside colleagues in other directorates and was involved in taking action in respect of nearly 300 Blue Badge holders who are notified by the NFI as deceased but currently hold active badges and numerous other benefits including Freedom Passes and Taxicards.

European Mobility Week

The Mobility Support Team attended the European Mobility Week, which is a local event held in Tower Hamlets organised by Transport Services which was held at the Arts Pavilion, Mile End Park on the 19th September 2013 between 10.00am and 4.00pm.

The Mobility Support Team represented Parking & Mobility Services at the event which was aimed at assisting members of the disabled community to seek advice on what services they can access to support their independence.


Disabled Person’s Badges

Blue parking badges allow cars carrying people who are registered blind or people who have severe walking

difficulties to be parked near shops, stations and other facilities.

Blue badges can only be issued to people who meet the eligibility criteria, not to relatives or carers.They can

be used in any car the badge holder is driving or is a passenger in.

We can help by providing parking concessions for people with severe walking difficulties so that they can leave

their vehicles close to shops or other places they need to visit.

We also issue a discretionary one year Disabled Person’s Badge to applicants who are suffering from terminal

cancer or undergoing active therapy.


The Taxicard scheme offers reduced fares in black cabs for people who have a long term or permanent illness

or disability that prevents them from using or significantly limits their use of public transport.

The cabs in the scheme carry ramps and are accessible to wheelchair user and a Taxicard may be used for any type of journey, for example shopping, visiting friends, GP appointments, although it should not be used for hospital appointments as the health authority should provide transport.

Taxicard holders in Tower Hamlets enjoy a higher level of subsidy on their trips and the potential to have more trips than any other London Borough.

Freedom Pass

There are two types of Freedom Pass, one for the elderly and one for the disabled. Residents who reach the age at which they would receive their state pension automatically qualify for an Elderly Person’s Freedom Pass.

If you have an eligible disability and are a permanent resident in a London borough, you can apply for a Disabled person’s Freedom Pass to help you get around London.

Disabled Person’s Freedom Passes are only available to people with disabilities themselves. Carers and parents

etc are not eligible under this scheme.

A Freedom Pass enables the holder to travel free of charge anywhere within zones 1 to 6 on London’s public transport.This includes buses, tubes, National Rail, Docklands Light Railway and trams.The London Borough of Tower Hamlets pays for your Freedom Pass.

Only one Freedom Pass may be held, so if you have been granted a disabled person’s Freedom Pass and are over 60, you cannot apply for an elderly person’s pass as well. However, at renewal time we recommend you get your elderly person’s pass instead, as you will get it automatically and not have to be assessed.

Disabled Bays

Residents with severe disabilities may also be eligible for a disabled-parking bay near their home. Permits to park in a personalised disabled bay are vehicle-specific and only holders of Tower Hamlets disabled (blue) badges are eligible to apply.

The Permit is bay-specifi , which means that no other permit or Blue badge is valid for use within the allocated bay.


The Mobility Support Team can be contacted by phone on 020 7364 5003

by email to

or by post at: Mobility Support, Mulberry Place (AH), PO Box 55739, 5 Clove Crescent, London E14 2BG

More information can be found on the Tower Hamlets website.


Just a quick note to say how dead

impressed I am with the Parking section. I

applied for a change of vehicle permit on

Friday, and got the new one at home on

Monday. Thanks all round!!

I am in receipt of

your letter dated


April regarding returning


Mother’s disabled

badge. This will

confirm that I have followed




(cut in half etc)

posted it today.

However, I

just wanted to place

record my appreciation

I have

Dear Mirsad

I’m writing

to you in my



as Chair of

the Accessible

to thank you and




you have done


for the work

the borough

Tower Hamlets to


best Taxi Card

that provides

service for its

The Taxi Card



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only ‘on

facility available

to people


and often

with mobility


people a

a safety net when


it a very important

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that you

service and

I’m pleased

to maintain

the hig



level of service.

on behalf of t


Compliments Received for the Mobility Support Service


h he




of your letter.

dealt with a number of


over the past week

informing them of


families “loss” and I

really felt

that your letter

was so kindly put

and sensitive in its contents.



unfortunately have

not been

so “sensitive”, so

it was a welcome


to receive your letter.

It probably seems

a small thing -

but the

fact that you apologised


“writing at this

time” and actually spelt


Mother’s name correctly

and noted

that she was

my Mother - meant


lot! So thank you!

ind regards

We must sincerely thank you

for all the time and effort

you have put into granting

us this Disabled Bay. We

are a little lost for words

really because we did not

think when you left us this

morning that it would hap-

pen. Thank you so very

much. I was driving when

you phoned my mobile being

on our way to the Bluewater

shopping centre. Wishing

you all the best.

Many thanks

Card users.




Working with the Police

In June 2013, our Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) began side by side patrols with local police officers in an

effort to reduce intimidation and address persistent parking problem areas.

Concern was highlighted from businesses and residents in a number of locations across the Borough that parking regulations are being abused, causing problems for people trying to carry out their daily routines such as going shopping, parking outside their homes and visiting friends and relatives.

This joint working approach has helped address areas where parking regulations have been persistently abused to help the roads in Tower Hamlets to run freely and keep traffic flowing and reduce congestion whilst supporting the local community and protecting our staff.


Training our Civil Enforcement Officers

In November 2013, all our teams of Civil Enforcement Officers including CEO supervisors completed their training on Conflict Management.

This training was initiated by our parking management with the purpose of protecting staff whilst considering stakeholder expectations and delivering a high level of customer service even in the most challenging of situations.

This training also formed part of the overall strategy of tackling violence against our Civil Enforcement Officers.

Certificates of completion were issued in November 2013 and the feedback from our CEOs indicated that the one day training was incisive, and found the role play to be very realistic to the day-to-day situation in the street and equipped staff with additional skills to better handle conflicting situations. It was reported that following training staff felt better equipped to handle difficult situations on street and are more confident in performing their on street role.

Introducing Body Cameras

Since November 2013, we began to equip our Civil Enforcement Officers with CCTV body cameras and by March 2014, all Civil Enforcement Officers working on street were using this technology.

Cameras were first introduced to a number of our officers as a trial in 2013 and were then rolled out to all our CEOs working on street by the end of March 2014.They have already been found beneficial in several successful prosecutions, enabling Tower Hamlets to provide the Police with evidence of alleged physical and verbal assaults on our Officers.This move has also been supported by the local Police.


Continuing to Tackle Blue Badge Abuse

Parking & Mobility Services in Tower Hamlets has continued to focus on Blue Badge abuse throughout the Borough in 2013/14 in response to numerous complaints and feedback received from customers that this causes a problem.

We recognise the importance of disabled parking spaces to the community. Blue Badges allow cars carrying people who meet the eligibility criteria, including those that are registered blind or people who have severe walking difficulties, to be parked near shops, stations and other facilities.

Parking & Mobility Services is committed to ensuring that disabled parking spaces are available for those

customers that rely on them, whether on a regular or infrequent basis, to carry out their daily activities.

Tower Hamlets Council continues the work against Blue Badge fraud and has a dedicated team of Investigators who work and patrol the borough to reduce and prevent offences committed.There are many ways of identifying Blue Badge and other types of parking fraud such as the National Fraud Initiative, whistle blowers, data-matching Council records and site visits.

Tower Hamlets is continuing with anti-fraud initiatives to reduce the abuse that is prevalent in the Borough. Misuse of Blue Badges takes away parking space from genuine users and cheats the council of income from paid parking. Blue Badge misuse is a criminal offence which can lead to large fines or even a prison sentence if prosecuted under the Fraud Act 2006. Common misuse includes badges being used by friends or relatives to park for free.

The Blue Badge scheme is vitally important to ensure those with reduced mobility who need to park in the Borough and in 2013/14 the Council continued with its focus to prosecute anyone who commits this type of fraud, which is a criminal offence and can lead to large fines or even a jail term. In 2013/14,Tower Hamlets had the following successes in dealing with Blue Badge fraud & resident parking permit fraud:

And where there is a legal form of redress.

If your complaint is concerning the actions of a member of staff, it would be preferred if you would set down your views in writing to Complaints,Town Hall, Mulberry Place, 5 Clove Crescent, London E14 2BG or you can email us.

Staff in One-Stop Shops can help you do this. Otherwise you can contact the Complaints Team on 020 7364 4161 or email or alternatively you can complete the online form.

Taking your complaint further

If your complaint is about any Council service, and you feel we have treated you unfairly, you can complain to

the Local Government Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman is an independent watchdog which makes sure that all councils act fairly and follow their own policies and procedures.

The Ombudsman will usually only consider your complaint following the Chief Executive’s review at stage 3 or (if we have not fully replied to your written complaint) within 12 weeks.

You can contact the Local Government Ombudsman at:

Local Government Ombudsman Advice Team PO Box 4771

Coventry, CV4 0EH

Telephone: 0300 061 0614 (Mon-Fri 8.30am to 5pm)

Text: 0762 480 4299

For further information - Corporate Complaints Team

Tower Hamlets Town Hall Mulberry Place

5 Clove Crescent London E14 2BG Tel: 020 7364 4161


Providing Free Products for the Community

Parking & Mobility Services continues to offer a number of free products to assist residents and visitors to the Borough. Many residents are unaware that we offer a number of free products and these are demonstrated in the table below.


Bay suspensions for domestic removals

If residents need to move in or out of the Borough then they can apply for a bay suspension, free of charge, in order to move their belongings.

Weekend free parking

In market areas parking is free in pay and display bays in order to encourage shoppers and boost local businesses.

Vehicle surrenders

If a resident has a vehicle that they want to get rid of then they can contact us and we’ll remove it free of charge. Make sure that you’ve removed your belongings before we take the vehicle away!

Free permits for low-emissions vehicles

Businesses and residents are eligible for a free permit for their vehicle if it is fully electric or has low emissions.

Funeral waivers

We realise that funerals are a difficult time for all involved. In order to help make things easier we offer funeral waivers for vehicles, allowing free parking in certain bays.

Free permits for the disabled

Disabled person’s badges (blue badges) are not useable in residents bays on their own.Tower Hamlets residents who hold a blue badge however can apply for a free residents permit.

Free scratchcards for the disabled

Residents with blue badges are also entitled to free visitors scratchcards.There is a special allowance for residents who require regular carers.

Free scratchcards for the Over 60’s

Residents aged 60+ are also entitled to free visitors scratchcards across the Borough.

Statistical Reporting

Parking & Mobility Services would like to share the following statistical data for the period 1st April 2013 - 31st

March 14.

Tower Hamlets

Enforcement Activity 2013-14

Higher Level Parking PCNs


Lower Level Parking PCNs


Total Parking PCNs


Bus lane PCNs


Moving Traffic PCNs


Total PCNs (Excluding warnings, tests & spoils )


Warning Notices


Total Vehicles Removed





1,543 2,484



Higher Level Parking PCNs

Lower Level Parking PCNs Bus lane PCNs

Moving Traffic PCNs Warning NoOces

Total Vehicles Removed


Source: Chipside - Data ran on

11 August 2014


Number of Residents Permits Issued


Number of Business Permits Issued



image Number of Residents Permits Issued

image Number of Business Permits Issued



Source: Chipside - Data ran on

11 August 2014

Did You Know You Can Save Time & Renew Your Parking Permit Online?

Join up to 60% of Customers and Renew Your Parking Permit Online

You can do this if none of your details have changed and if you have received your renewal

letter which contains your unique webcode and the link to our Tower Hamlets Website.

You should renew your permit at least five working days before it expires as your permit

will be posted to you.

PCNs Paid

On Street

Off Street

CEO Parking

CCTV Parking

Bus Lane

Moving Traffic

Total CCTV


Discount Paid









Full Penalty Paid









Surcharge Paid









PCNs Paid by Payment Stage




Discount Paid

Full Penalty Paid Surcharge Paid

Parking PCNs Paid by Enforcement Method


CEO Parking


CCTV Parking



Source: Chipside - Data ran on

11 August 2014

Moving PCNs Paid by Type


Bus Lane

image Moving Traffic




Source: Chipside - Data ran on

11 August 2014

Did You Know You Can Pay Your Penalty Charge Notice Online?

You can pay your Tower Hamlets parking fine or penalty charge notice (PCN) using our online payments

service found on our Tower Hamlets website under Online Services.

Did You Know You Can Challenge a Penalty Charge Notice Online?

Penalty charge notices (PCNs) can only be challenged in writing and this can now be done online.To make a challenge or representation online, please visit our Tower Hamlets website and complete the Online PCN

Representation Form. Please note that you cannot challenge a PCN or make a representation once the charge

has been paid.

Please provide as much detail as you can and any evidence you feel may support your claim. Parking enforcement is often the result of motorists making a mistake because regulations have not been correctly observed or complied with. Errors, accidents and lateness are not likely to result in a successful appeal. If you feel the PCN was invalid, the restrictions were not clear or illegal parking was undertaken due to mitigating circumstances, please explain this in your challenge or formal representation.

Please note that currently customers that have received a Notice to Owner can only use the Online PCN representation facility with a webcode which is printed on the top right of the Notice that you received. If your Notice to Owner does not contain a webcode, you may telephone our Contact Centre on 0207 364 5003 and they will provide you with a Webcode to use.

Informal Challenge

On Street

PCNs against which a Informal Challenge was made


PCNs cancelled as result of Informal Challenge


% cancelled









0PCNs against which a Informal Challenge was made

PCNs against which a Informal challenge was made

.PCNs cancelled as result of Informal Challenge

PCNs cancelled as a result of informal challenge

Source: Chipside - Data ran on

11 August 2014

Formal Representation

On Street

PCNs against which a Formal Representation was made


PCNs cancelled as result of an Formal Representation


% cancelled












3PCNs against which a Formal RepresentaCon was made

PCNs against which a Formal Representation was made

4PCNs cancelled as result of an Formal RepresentaCon

PCNs cancelled as result of an Formal Representation

Source: Chipside - Data ran on

11 August 2014


Parking Appeal Statistics 2013-2014 (Total)

Appeals Received

Appeals Heard

Appeals Allowed

%ge Allowed / Heard


Of Which Refused With Recomme nda<on

Of Which Withdrawn

%ge Refused / Heard

Did Not Contest (DNC)

%ge Did Not Contest / Allowed

%ge Did Not Contest / Heard

%ge Appeals Heard Against PCNs





















Appeals Allowed


Appeals Heard

Did Not Contest



image Appeals Allowed

image Refused



Source: PATAS Statistics 2013 -14


Top 20 PCN Income & Issuance by Location


Source: Chipside - Data ran on

11 August 2014

Mobility Support Team Statistics

In 2013/14 to date, our Mobility Support Team issued the following number of products to residents in Tower Hamlets:

Products Issued 01/04/13 - 31/03/14


Elders Freedom Passes


Disabled Freedom Passes


Blue Badges




Disabled Bays




Elders Freedom Passes


Disabled Freedom Passes


Blue Badges

Taxi Cards

Disabled Bays


Elders Freedom Passes

Disabled Freedom Passes

Blue Badges


Disabled Bays


Mobility Systems - Data ran on 03 September 2014

Controlled Parking Account

The Council operates a separate Controlled Parking Account in accordance with s.55 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended by the 1991 Road Traffic Act), the costs of which are incorporated within the income and expenditure for Highways, Roads and Transport Services.





























This account records all income and expenditure attributable to on-street parking activities, including enforcement.The account may incur a deficit in the year in which case the deficit must be made good from the General Fund at the year end.The use of any surplus is prescribed by legislation and is restricted largely to reinvestment within the service and highways and transportation initiatives.

Expenditure Employee costs Premises Transport

Supplies and services Third party payments Support services Capital financing

Increase in provision for bad debts

Total Expenditure


Fees and charges

Decrease in provision for bad debts

Total Income

Deficit (Surplus) before transfers



Transfer to General Fund



Transfer to PRA



Deficit (Surplus) for the Year 0 0

Parking Reserve Account



Parking Reserve Account

Balance at 1st April 1,756 2,596

Transfer to PRA 539 232

Surplus for year 0 0

Transfer from PRA (1,383) (1,072)

Balance at 31st March 912 1,756

Source: Finance Systems - 21 August 2014