Other insects

Other insects


Ladybirds are harmless to people and generally good for the environment as they eat aphids that damage plants. They sometimes seek out a warm place to sleep through the winter. If it’s possible, we recommend leaving them alone.

Otherwise, they you can take care of them with insect spray available in most shops.

Other flying insects

These are unlikely to be harmful. If the insects are on house-plants, treat the infested plants with an appropriate insecticide from DIY or garden shop. Otherwise, you can treat them with insect spray available in most shops.

Other insects or invertebrates

We can help to identify and give advice on insects that are being a nuisance, are in large numbers in a home and provide a treatment service for some types. Our identification service is free.

Place the specimen in a secure container/package together with your name, address and contact number. You can either hand it in or post it to:

Pest Control Service
London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Town Hall, Mulberry Place
5 Clove Crescent
E14 2BG

We will contact you with the identity of the insect, and let you know about any treatment and cost.