Better wages are awarded – and backdated –for young people in Tower Hamlets

Cllr, Mayor and Sevin

Tower Hamlets’ young people working at leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools will now benefit from the London Living Wage (LLW).

Mayor John Biggs agreed with leisure provider GLL to both introduce the London Living Wage for young workers, and also backdate it from April 2018.

Sevin, 20, a recreation assistant at award-winning Poplar Baths is just one of 30 the young people who will receive a pay increase.

The Mayor and Cllr Amina Ali Cabinet member for Culture the Arts and Brexit visited the centre to find out more about the difference it would make.

Sevin said: “I’m one of several junior staff here that stands to benefit from receiving the London Living Wage. It’s expensive living in London – so backdating this to April will really make a difference to me.”

Under a previously agreed contract with GLL the pay for staff aged between 18 and 21 years old had been £8.10 an hour. In comparison those aged 21 and over were already receiving the London Living Wage of £10.20 per hour.

After action from the Mayor, GLL agreed to pay the London Living Wage to staff under the age of 21 from September 2018. This means that all staff, over the age of 18 will receive the LLW.

Mayor Biggs announced at a cabinet meeting on 27 June, 2018 that the council would backdate this increase in salary from April 2018. 

Mayor John Biggs said

“I was delighted to visit Poplar baths and meet Sevin who is getting a pay rise following my recent announcement at cabinet. We have worked with GLL to ensure staff aged 18-21 in Tower Hamlets are paid LLW and I have asked for this pay rise to be backdated.

“The change brings their pay into line with staff who are over 21 who already receive the London Living Wage. It’s a great outcome for the young people who will benefit.”

Cllr Amina Ali, Cabinet Member for Culture, the Arts and Brexit, added:

“Youth employment is a major priority for the borough. I’m delighted that we have been able to convince GLL to pay younger workers delivering frontline services to our residents the London Living Wage for the important work that they do.” 

Posted on Friday 6th July 2018