The mayor gets hands on in the fight against graffiti

The fight against graffiti in Tower Hamlets came to Meath Gardens this week as Mayor John Biggs joined the council’s Clean Team to see their work first hand.

Keeping the borough cleaner and greener for our residents is a key council priority. 

In recent weeks, the council’s graffiti removal teams - operated in partnership with our waste contractor Veolia - have been working in and around our award-winning parks in preparation for the summer months.

Mayor Biggs and the Clean and Green team

The focus on parks follows other intensive work tackling unsightly tagging on shop fronts in the Roman Road area and a similar purge on graffiti and flyposting on street furniture in Brick Lane. 

The team’s efforts were welcomed by businesses and community groups who all too often pay the price when this sort of thoughtless vandalism occurs. 

Tabitha Stapely, CEO of the Roman Road Trust, said: "Roman Road has attracted a number of legal and attractive street art commissions, but it has also suffered from a build-up of unsightly and unwanted graffiti.

“The council has already started to remove unwanted graffiti and helped brighten up the high street much to the delight of the local business owners.

“Clean, well-maintained streets help lift the spirit of the local community too.”

On Wednesday, Mayor Biggs joined the graffiti removal team in Meath Gardens. He spoke with staff about their constant battle to stay one step ahead of the vandals. 

Mayor Biggs meets the Clean and Green team

The team were working to remove a series of large tags from the wall of the changing rooms at the park. 

They used a combination of techniques including the application of acid followed by the use of a pressure-hose and the more traditional paint roller. 

Mayor Biggs donned his protective glasses and gloves and joined in with the team’s efforts. 

Mayor Biggs gets hands on with the pressure hose

Speaking after his visit, the mayor said: “As well as being unpleasant to look at, graffiti is a form of antisocial behaviour.

“It creates a feeling of insecurity in our communities and we are committed to tackling it wherever we can for the benefit of our residents.

“I was delighted to meet our hardworking team at Meath Gardens and to see the great work they do first hand. 

“As the days get warmer our fantastic parks will be visited by families from Tower Hamlets and beyond and it’s right that we do all we can to make sure the environment is as welcoming as it can be.”

Cllr David Edgar, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “Keeping our borough cleaner and greener for the benefit of all those who live and work here continues to be a top priority.

“Since taking over as the Cabinet Member for Environment I’ve been impressed by the work our teams are doing to deliver on that pledge.

“I look forward to seeing those efforts continue, whether it be cleaning up unsightly waste on our streets or tackling criminal damage on buildings and in our open spaces.”

Posted on Wednesday 30th May 2018