Tower Hamlets plans to improve waste and street cleaning services by bringing them under council control

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The council's cabinet has agreed a report recommending that an in-house waste collection, recycling and street cleansing service should be created to improve services for residents from 1 April 2020.

The council’s existing contract with waste management firm Veolia is due to end at that time.

Tower Hamlets’ population is projected to increase by almost 60,000 in the next decade to 370,000, almost twice as fast as the London average. The number of East End households is likely to increase by another 30,000 by 2028, adding to pressure to improve recycling and reduce waste.

A review of the existing service has formed part of the council’s recent waste strategy consultation, which included residents and key partners joining the Mayor at a waste summit to share their views and debate key waste issues. At the summit, the Mayor set out his ambition to improve the service, have greater flexibility and control around provision and increase recycling. There was also a call for retailers to do more about their use of non-recyclable plastic. 

The consultation, ‘Don’t Let Our Future Go to Waste’, launched in July and ran until October and as well as the summit included: telephone interviews with 1,100 people; an online survey that received 683 responses; and four public events on the future of waste services.

Mayor John Biggs said: “This marks the first step in the council’s move towards the delivery of an improved service. It follows on from our recent waste consultation, which generated a huge range of responses from local people and businesses.

“It’s an important decision and one I’m determined we get right for both our residents and the staff involved. I am committed to keeping our streets clean, increasing recycling and making the borough cleaner and greener.”

Cllr David Edgar, Cabinet Member for Environment addedd: “A growing population means increased demand on our waste service. We considered all the options and concluded that bringing services in-house will deliver a better service to our residents.”

Posted on Friday 16th November 2018