Final call for household enquiry forms

Avoid a potential £1,000 fine!

A final call for all residents to complete and return their household enquiry form (HEF) is taking place with local canvassers door knocking across the borough. Residents are being asked to respond as soon as possible online, by telephone or by text regardless of whether there have been any changes in their household. 

The council has already received 60,362 forms. However, we are still waiting for replies from 74,322 properties. 

Completing the form is a legal requirement and can incur a potential fine of £1000. The information keeps the electoral register up-to-date. This ensures residents are entitled to vote, credit reference agencies have the correct data for credit checking and the courts for jury service summoning.

Will Tuckley, Chief Executive and Returning Officer for Tower Hamlets said: “It’s so important that all households respond so that our records are kept up to date and to ensure residents don’t lose their right to vote. It just takes a few moments to reply.”

If you have any queries, please call the helpline number on: 020 7364 5000 or email

Posted on Wednesday 10th October 2018