Council steps in to give more time at the bar

Pub stock

A record number of pubs in the borough have been given added protection from property developers.

The council's cabinet has agreed that 37 of the most historically and culturally significant venues will be given ‘locally listed’ status.

It is believed that this is the first time a council has used its powers to give protection to this many pubs.

Mayor John Biggs said: “Pubs have been the beating heart of communities in the East End for generations. They are local landmarks and valued additions to the landscape in our borough. Many of those that remain still have their original features intact – a charming nod to a bygone era.

“Sadly, across the country we have seen more and more examples of traditional venues closing in recent years and it is right that where we can, we take steps to protect these heritage assets.

“The pubs that are being put forward for local listing on this occasion are all located outside conservation areas. By using the local listing process we are able to provide them with a degree of protection that they otherwise wouldn’t be afforded.”

The pubs were listed for the following criteria:

  • Local character and distinctiveness
  • Architectural significance
  • Historical significance
  • Artistic significance
  • Age, rarity and integrity
  • Social significance

Find out if your local has been given added protection.

Posted on Thursday 8th August 2019