New Shadwell and Lansbury ward councillors elected at Tower Hamlets Council by-elections


Declaration of Lansbury ward

Following the Shadwell and Lansbury by-elections on Thursday 7 February 2019, Mohammad Harun Miah (Aspire) has been elected to serve as a councillor on Tower Hamlets Council for the Shadwell ward and Rajib Ahmed (Labour Party) for the Lansbury ward.

Eight polling places were opened across the two wards from 7am to 10pm. There was a police presence at each polling station, in addition to a mobile police team if required for extra support.

The Shadwell ward consists of 8,291 eligible voters and the turnout for the by-election was 35.39 per cent. In total 2,934 votes were cast. The Lansbury ward consists of 12,216 eligible voters and the turnout for the by-election was 26.51 per cent. In total 3,239 votes were cast.

Following the close of poll at 10pm, the secured ballot boxes were taken to Tower Hamlets Town Hall at Mulberry Place for the count and declaration of results. 1,637 postal votes were received for the by-elections in total.

The declaration was made by Will Tuckley, Returning Officer and Chief Executive for Tower Hamlets Council, at 00:23 (Shadwell) and 00:41 (Lansbury) who said: “Thank you to all those residents who took the time to vote. I would also like to thank staff and everyone involved in organising and administering today’s by-elections for all their hard work, both during the day and during this evening’s count. The council’s elections team worked hard putting preparations in place to ensure each ballot ran smoothly, safely, securely and in the spirit of free and fair democracy.”

The declaration of results for Shadwell and Lansbury, including a breakdown by candidate can be found on the council’s website.

Posted on Friday 8th February 2019