Statement: Liveable Streets road closure trial in Bow

town hall

Since deciding to suspend the trial in Bow this weekend we’ve heard a variety of views from our residents.

This was a significant traffic management operation that involved careful planning in advance and required the deployment of a number of staff. The decision to postpone it was not taken without careful thought.

During the first day of the trial it became clear that the way traffic was being routed away from the road closures needed to be improved.

It was also regrettable that a minority of those opposed to the trial chose to direct their frustrations at staff working on the ground in an aggressive manner. We welcome the views of residents, but it has to be in a constructive and appropriate manner.

We want to be clear that our decision does not weaken our commitment to the aims of the Liveable Streets programme. While views about how to deliver change may vary, we all have a responsibility to explore every possible way to deliver a cleaner, more sustainable and liveable Tower Hamlets.

We will now take the time to consider the lessons from this trial and to reflect on the feedback we’ve received. We will work with residents as we come up with new modified proposals and look forward to implementing a new trial later this year.

More information about Liveable Streets is available online.
Posted on Monday 15th July 2019