Annual Parent Conference


Over 170 parents and carers attended the 13th annual parent conference organised by the Tower Hamlets Parent and Family Support Service, which had a theme of empowering and supporting our children to thrive.

 Key speakers included Councillor Danny Hassell, Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Young People, Christine McInnes, Divisional Director, Education & Partnerships at the council and Martha Evans from the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

 Parents were asked how Tower Hamlets communities can build confidence and resilience in children and young people.

 Well attended workshops ran through the day covering areas such as bullying, cyber bullying, and digital parenting, looking at internet safety for the whole family. One parent said “the e-safety workshops should be available to every parent in every school, a fantastic session”.

 There were sessions on ‘gangs and county lines’ presented by St Giles Trust, and a workshop about ‘emotional first aid’, exploring ways to manage stress and anxiety. 

 Parents were given tips on how to make healthy food choices and a workshop advised parents of children with special educational needs or disabilities to work better with council support services.

 Councillor Danny Hassell, Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Young People said: “Wewant Tower Hamlets to be a place where families don’t just ‘get by’ but that they thrive.  We have a wealth of services and programmes to support families across the borough.  This parent conference was a useful way of engaging parents about what more we can do and also empowering parents to be equipped to understand and discuss issues relevant to the lives of young people such as e-safety and gangs.  By utilising parent power we can ensure every chance for every child in Tower Hamlets.’”

 Councillor Hassell also took the opportunity to present mum of two, Marie Mcleod, with  the prestigious Docklands Light Railway Outstanding Service to the Community award.

 Marie set up a charity called Depression Changes Minds (DCM) for parents whose children suffer from anxiety or depression and mental health issues and runs workshops to raise awareness about mental health in the community.

 To find out more about the local offer and what support the council gives to families visit the council’s website.



Posted on Tuesday 12th March 2019