Anti-social behaviour offender imprisoned

LBTH Town Hall - 24Apr15

A Hackney resident who carried out persistent anti-social behaviour in Tower Hamlets has been put behind bars, thanks to the work of the council.

Samantha Lawrence, 41, was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment at Central London County Court on 26 February.

The council’s work collecting evidence about her helped secure a more substantial sentence than the 21 days she had received previously.

The judge heard that since June 2015, she had regularly flouted injunctions against her visiting Tower Hamlets, carrying drugs paraphernalia and committing anti-social behaviour.

Impact statements from residents said she was ‘intimidating’ and reported they had been ‘verbally assaulted’ when they asked Ms Lawrence to leave their housing blocks.        

They also complained that children had seen her use drugs paraphernalia and said she had encouraged other people to buy Class A drugs from dealers.

His Honour Judge Luba QC took seriously the issues she had caused. He also noted that she had rejected numerous offers of drug treatment and support services by both Tower Hamlets and Hackney Councils.

 John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets said:

“I’m pleased our officers were able to work with local people to demonstrate to the court the impact the anti-social behaviour. Community Safety is a key priority and we will continue to work with police and housing providers to

take action against perpetrators.”

Councillor Asma Begum, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Equalities added:

“We know what a blight anti-social behaviour can be on our residents’ lives.

"They should be able to go about their daily lives without facing this kind of unacceptable behaviour, and this case is just one example of us working pro-actively with partners to stop it happening.’’


Posted on Thursday 7th March 2019