Bow crane collapse

Crane collapse

A statement from Mayor John Biggs

"Our community is still in shock following the events in Bow yesterday afternoon when the collapse of a crane on a construction site tragically led to the death of a resident in a nearby house and injured four others.

"My thoughts are with the friends and family of the resident who died and those injured and with all those who have been affected. I would also like to express our thanks to the emergency services who responded to a challenging scene with typical bravery and determination.

"Working with housing providers and other partners, we have been able to temporarily find accommodation for those who had to be evacuated as a result of this incident and we will continue to make sure they are supported while the area is made safe enough for them to return home. That may take some time.

"Tower Hamlets is a place where construction sites and cranes are a common sight. But I know that some of you might be feeling differently about them following the terrible events in Bow.

"I want to reassure you that we have no reason to believe there are other sites at risk. It is nonetheless vital that all developers and construction companies stay alert and keep their procedures up to date at all times. Today, we have written to all the major developers operating in Tower Hamlets to ask them to review their safety practices and inspections, particularly where they are using cranes or heavy lifting equipment.

"The Metropolitan Police announced this morning that it is working with the Health and Safety Executive to investigate what happened yesterday. That investigation must be full and transparent so that we can understand how this happened and make sure nothing like it can ever happen again.

"Council officers will provide whatever assistance is required to ensure that those impacted by this tragedy get the answers they deserve.

"This has been a difficult ending to one of many difficult weeks recently. Our strength as a community is shown at times like this when we come together to support each other and I am confident that we will do that now as we have done many times before."

John Biggs

Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets


Support for affected residents

Affected Gateway residents and residents of Ladyfern House (Remus Managing Agent), can find contact details for support here.

Posted on Thursday 9th July 2020