Standing up to racism and injustice

Bromley Public Hall in purple 001

Bromley Public Hall turns purple

On Wednesday 3 June, we lit the Bromley Public Hall in purple in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, following a worldwide response to the tragic killing of George Floyd by a policeman in the United States.

We are proud of our long history of standing up to racism and that Tower Hamlets continues to be a borough where there is No Place For Hate.

Mayor John Biggs said: “In Tower Hamlets we have used the message of ‘No Place for Hate’ which simply means not discriminating because of the colour of someone’s skin, where they are from, who they are or who they love.

“We show solidarity with those affected by injustice on this basis and reflect on what we can do in our lives to ensure that we are part of that ongoing fight for equality.”

Everyone has a part to play in achieving equality and social justice. We urge residents speak out against all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

You can also help by: reading, researching and educating yourself about the history of systemic racism; signing petitions in support of causes that matter to you; and donating to causes that need funding and organisations that are working to eliminate race-based discrimination.

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Posted on Monday 8th June 2020