Continued funding and support for the voluntary and community sector

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Continued funding and support for the voluntary and community sector

The council has committed to continued support of our vital voluntary and community sector (VCS) through the current coronavirus pandemic.

These are unsettling times, particularly for those organisations that rely on funding to keep operating. The council will continue to fund VCS partners so that they can adapt their activities and continue supporting residents.

This will include organisations funded through the Local Community Fund, small grants and funds for those transitioning from mainstream grants as well as a range of commissioned services including children and older people, health, domestic abuse, disability, advice and employment. We will also continue to fund organisations whose grants are due to come to an end.

We will work with organisations to look at how they can move to support people more remotely around their needs, which includes getting food, money or benefits for example. Using technology will be key and the sector is already looking at providing support by phone and online.

As well as continued funding, the council will also contact VCS organisations that might qualify for a three-month rent holiday.

John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said:“In these difficult times it is vital that we support our partners in the local community and voluntary sector and help them continue to deliver crucial services that will be needed now more than ever.

“We hope that committing to continued funding and rent breaks will help these organisations through this emergency situation and reassure them that the council is here to support them.

“We value the important role the sector plays in listening and responding to the needs of our vulnerable residents, and this must continue despite these unprecedented and uncertain times.”

Today the East End Community Foundation launched an emergency appeal for funds to help local, vulnerable communities in London’s East End through the coronavirus pandemic. You can find out more online at

Posted on Friday 20th March 2020