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Update on Victoria Park closure

In relation to the closure of Victoria Park, a Tower Hamlets Council spokesperson said:

On Wednesday 25 March at approximately 6pm, a joint decision with the police was made to close Victoria Park until further notice.

While many visitors to the park were behaving responsibly and exercising individually as recommended, a significant number of visitors insisted on gathering in groups, holding picnics, drinking, sunbathing and playing football and team sports. 

These visitors ignored requests from our park and community safety teams to stop their activities. There was a consistent failure to both understand and adhere to social distancing guidance. When the crowds of people became unmanageable, our response was escalated to involve the local police.

Other parks in the borough remain open for exercise, such as a run, walk or cycle, alone or with other people you live with.  

All visitors must maintain social distancing guidance and stay at least two metres away from all other visitors at all times.

Stay at home. Protect our NHS. Save lives.

Posted on Friday 27th March 2020