Coronavirus: Update on parking enforcement and permits for key workers

Parking pic

Our parking enforcement teams are working across Tower Hamlets to ensure that our streets are safe and free from obstructions and that highways are kept clear for use by the emergency services.

We know that many frontline NHS staff and other key workers are now commuting by car and may need to rely less on public transport in the weeks ahead. We are issuing special permits to designated key workers. We also continue to work with businesses to identify and allocate further dedicated parking for key workers. Residents are asked to be considerate and make every effort to avoid parking in the streets closest to hospitals and GP practices to keep spaces free for essential staff.

To support these key workers to continue providing vital public services, we need to keep our streets clear of obstructions. As a result, we will be continuing to enforce parking restrictions but focusing our enforcement on the streets closest to hospitals and GP practices to keep spaces free for essential staff.

Nobody should be leaving their home unless it is absolutely essential. We understand however that some key workers will need to use their cars and then park when they return home. To make this easier we are relaxing parking restrictions in residential areas. If you are a resident, you will now be able to park in resident bays, permit holder only, shared use bays, business bays and pay and display’bays in the controlled parking mini-zone that you live in, without a permit. If you receive a ticket, you can appeal this with proof of address, and we will cancel the fine.

We are also temporarily removing the restrictions at the Wapping bus gate.

These changes will be reviewed after three weeks in line with other national advice about staying at home unless absolutely necessary, or if operationally required.

Residents should be in no doubt that this is not a green light for inconsiderate or dangerous driver behaviour. Our enforcement teams will intervene quickly to enforce against and remove vehicles as necessary where such incidents occur.

Information for key workers

We have issued more than 1,000 permits to key workers so far. 

This includes bulk deliveries of permits to our key healthcare and emergency service partners. 

In the first instance, key workers should contact their own organisation to enquire about permit availability. 

Posted on Thursday 26th March 2020