Don't let your immigration status deter you from seeking help

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We’re proud that our residents come from countries right across the world. Some have become UK citizens, some now have permanent residency, but there are many who have a more temporary immigration status that might mean they wouldn’t normally be able to access financial and other support from the government or the council. You may have seen that referred to by its technical term which is having ‘no recourse to public funds’.

As we respond to the coronavirus pandemic, we want you to know that support is available for you if you need it, no matter what your immigration status.

Please contact us if you are:

Or if you need:

The information and advice at is for you too.

This virus doesn’t discriminate and neither do we.

While you can access many council services straight away at the moment, it is also a good idea to apply to the Home Office to ask them to officially give you access to services you might not normally be eligible for.

If you have other questions about your immigration status or about how changes to your status might impact you in the future, there are legal advice agencies in Tower Hamlets that can help.

For more general advice and support, there are many other voluntary and community organisations that will help you no matter what your circumstances are.

Posted on Friday 1st May 2020