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Ramadan and staying well during faith and worship - Interfaith Forum and council statement


“We send our best wishes to all the faith communities in the borough during this season when so many festivals are held. We are sure that Passover, Easter, Holi and the other recent celebrations have been enriching and sources of comfort in these difficult times.

“We also wish our Muslim communities a blessed Ramadan as the holy month approaches and hope everyone stays safe whilst fasting and through mutual care and support. If you are offered the Covid-19 vaccine during this time we very much hope that you will take it. Islamic scholars have confirmed that taking the vaccine does not break or invalidate the fast, and the vaccine contains no animal or alcohol products. If you have any concerns speak to your Imam or a health professional, who are there to help you.

“Please remember to follow Covid-19 rules on coming together. We are still subject to restrictions on social gatherings, and it is your duty to keep these in mind when you take part in Iftars, Ramadan night prayers and celebration of Eid al-Fitr.

“Worship continues to be allowed under Covid-19 rules which recognises the importance of our faith and worship. However, we must ensure that we continue to limit our numbers during public worship and for life-event services, such as weddings, congregational prayers and funerals. We should not travel far and, of course, continue to keep social distance and wear face masks during acts of worship.

“Today we have more hope than ever, with more people being vaccinated and protected from Covid-19 each day. However, Covid-19 remains among us and we all have a duty to prevent spread of the virus by following the rules in all our faith settings.”


Reverend Alan Green, Chair Tower Hamlets Interfaith Forum

John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Councillor Sirajul Islam, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Faith and Equalities

 Support is available

Support and advice, including free PPE supplies are available from FaithAction. You can contact them directly on their website or by email (info@faithaction.net) and phone (0800 804 8829).

Posted on Thursday 8th April 2021