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'Days of Action' with local police

More than 70 people in Tower Hamlets and Hackney have been reported for consideration of a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), amounting to a total of £15,800 in potential fines being issued.

Officers from Tower Hamlets and Hackney councils joined strands within the Met, including Safer Neighbourhoods Teams, Partnership Teams, Mounted Branch, Licensing, Safer Transport to take part in the two Days of Action on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 February.

Reports included breaches of Covid-19 legislation such as non-essential businesses operating illegally, and illegal parties. More than five arrests were made for offences which included public order, drug-related offences and immigration offences - all linked to the proactive efforts of officers taking part in the Days Of Action.

Officers also set up a Covid-secure hate crime surgery which was open to members of the public, and offered advice around hate crimes, specifically in relation to Covid. In addition, Schools Officers conducted a two-hour live online Covid-19 question and answer session which was offered to school staff, parents and students.

Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets for Community Safety, Faith and Equalities, Cllr Sirajul Islam, said: “The vast majority of our residents continue to follow Covid-19 restrictions, making huge personal sacrifices for the health and safety of our community. We are working closely with the police to issue fines to those who are putting others at risk by continuing to break the rules. 

"I want to thank the local police and council officers for their tireless work patrolling our streets and enforcing the restrictions where necessary.”

Chief Inspector Pete Shaw, said: "Though police continue to work to manage and mitigate the damage done by breaches of coronavirus legislation, another key part of our work is to ensure that members of our community feel supported during this time.

"Policing is not just about law enforcement - officers are also required to be counsellors, medics, community liaisons and community champions. By hosting a Hate Crime surgery and online Q&A session for students, parents and teachers, we were able to pinpoint our communities concerns and tailor our operational plans to address what they see as the most pressing matters in the local area.

“I am extremely proud of the amount of work that my officers and our partners in the Local Authorities have been able to achieve over our two days of action, and encourage the public to contact police with any concerns about breaches of COVID by calling 101 or reporting online."

Posted on Tuesday 16th February 2021