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Hear from local GPs at a Tower Hamlets Covid-19 vaccine centre

Hear from local GPs and staff at our Covid-19 vaccine centre in Cable Street about why it is important for everyone to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Covid-19 vaccines are safe

Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective. They offer the best protection against Covid-19. Any vaccines approved for use in the UK must meet strict standards of safety, quality, and effectiveness. In total, there are three vaccines approved for use in the UK. None of the approved vaccines contain pork, egg, or any other animal products. They are halal, kosher, and vegan friendly. 

Eligibility for the vaccine

The NHS is now giving vaccines to those people most at risk of Covid-19 across the country. Currently, that’s the elderly, those who are clinically extremely vulnerable, and frontline health and social care staff. The vaccination programme will be rolled out in phases, with more groups becoming eligible in time.

When you are eligible for vaccination, the NHS will write to you to let you know that you can book an appointment. Please wait until they contact you, as this is not a walk-in service and you cannot book in advance. When you are offered the vaccination, please take up the offer to protect yourself from Covid-19. But, if you are over 80 and have not yet heard about getting vaccinated, you should speak to your GP.

Continue to protect yourself and others

Even though vaccines are being given to millions of people across the country, Covid-19 is still here and infectious. The risk of catching Covid-19 is the same as ever for people who are not vaccinated. Public health measures to protect everyone and keep Tower Hamlets safe continue to be very important. These measures include washing your hands regularly, wearing a face covering indoors, and keeping a safe distance from other people.

Find out more about the vaccine programme in Tower Hamlets.

Thank you to GP Director Dr Hasnain Abbasi, practice nurse Lea Gardner, senior prescribing advisor Safia Pheerungee, medical assistant Aliye Aydin, and GP clinical lead Dr Saffan Qureshi.

Posted on Thursday 28th January 2021