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Tower Hamlets powerhouse partnership agrees plans for net zero carbon borough by 2045

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Together for a net zero carbon Tower Hamlets

A plan to make Tower Hamlets a net zero carbon borough by 2045 or sooner has been given the green light by a ‘climate alliance’ of housing, education, health, the community and voluntary sector, and business organisations in the borough and by the council. 

Under the plan, the alliance will work together towards the 2045 target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offset remaining emissions, by finding ways to reduce energy consumption, create sustainable supply chains and nurture biodiversity through planting trees and greening the borough. This plan will focus on a fair and just transition towards net zero carbon.  

The 2045 net zero carbon borough target comes on top of the council’s commitment to become a net zero carbon council by 2025.  

The unveiling of the plan for Tower Hamlets comes as the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) is taking place in Glasgow, where world leaders are meeting to respond to the climate emergency.   

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, said: 

“The climate emergency is one of the world’s most pressing issues impacting our lives and in Tower Hamlets we are working to ensure we are as sustainable as possible.  

“This means doing everything we can to improve energy efficiency of buildings, ensuring the council is powered by 100% renewable energy, converting street lighting to LED lights, and planting trees in our streets and in our beautiful parks. 

“We are also working to tackle air pollution by expanding the number of electric vehicle chargers across the borough and increasing the amount of cycling hangars to encourage greener journeys. 

“We welcome the Net Zero Carbon Partnership Action Plan and look forward to working closely with organisations across the borough as only by working together can we achieve the net zero carbon target in Tower Hamlets.” 

Cllr Asma Islam, Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning, said: 

“We are proud to be working to establish a climate alliance across Tower Hamlets. Responding to the climate emergency needs collective action and requires collaboration. 

“This Net Zero Carbon Partnership Action Plan is the beginning of a longstanding partnership to create a cleaner, greener Tower Hamlets – investing in green jobs, sharing best practice on sustainability, and continuing to green the borough and protect biodiversity.” 


  • The alliance is composed of 20 organisations and will continue to grow with the implementation of this plan. A list of organisations involved in the partnership can be found here

  • Tower Hamlets produces the fourth highest levels of total carbon emissions in London.  

  • Its location on the Thames and its densely populated landscape means that the risks of flooding and overheating are greater than in many parts of London. 

Summary of the Net Zero Carbon Partnership Action Plan

Posted on Wednesday 10th November 2021