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Tower Hamlets Council steps up to support humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

Refugees - welcome sign

The council is keen to plays its part in helping refugees fleeing from war torn Afghanistan by pledging to rehouseup to five families.

The Government has promised to house 20,000 people who have fled from the country since the Taliban took charge in August.

The majority of those who have been flown out of the country are translators and their families who worked with British forces in Afghanistan.

They have had to risk their lives in order to get into the airport at Kabul and onto flights out of the country.

Mayor Biggs said: “East London has a proud history of providing a safe haven for refugees of war and conflict.

“We have all been touched by the scenes of desperate refugees fleeing for their lives. London must play its part and Tower Hamlets will be at the forefront on London’s response.

“There are Afghan families currently quarantining in hotels who need homes, care and support following the trauma they have faced.  Our borough has a part to play, with support from the Government, in helping Afghan families find a home, access benefits, employment and local services like schools and doctors.”

"We are proud to be one of the London boroughs who have so far pledged to provide a range of help and support to Afghan refugee families and the council is in the process of working with charity groups and organisations across Tower Hamlets and London to do this."

If residents would like to help you can find out more here

Posted on Tuesday 14th September 2021