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12 cars impounded in just one day for displaying lost or stolen blue badges

Blue badge 2
More than 250 blue badges were checked during a day of targeted action in Tower Hamlets.

Blue badges allow those with a disability or health condition to park closer to their destination. However, sadly some people steal blue badges to sell on or use themselves, or they are sometimes used fraudulently.

The council’s parking and mobility Services and the fraud investigations unit, along with the Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers (THEOs) and the Metropolitan Police carried out a day of checking blue badges across the borough.

During the operation, 25 badges were classed as stolen, and as a result 12 cars were impounded.

One badge was being used although the holder was shown as deceased, and another was past its expiry date.

A further four badges were being used although they had been reported as lost.

The council’s fraud investigation service is investigating and will interview all those found to be misusing badges.

Cllr Ohid Ahmed, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, said:

“Blue badge misuse and theft is not a victimless crime. Illegally using a badge that isn’t yours is denying a disabled parking space to one of the thousands of registered blue badge holders in Tower Hamlets who have a genuine need for them.

“We will continue to carry out blue badge inspections and those who are illegally using a blue badge will be investigated.”

To report someone incorrectly using a blue badge, email parking.fraud@towerhamlets.gov.uk

If you want to apply for a blue badge, please visit Blue Badge Scheme (towerhamlets.gov.uk)




Posted on Wednesday 7th December 2022