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Tower Hamlets Council is one of the best authorities for tackling climate change

Tower Hamlets card
A leading sustainability food charity has identified Tower Hamlets Council as a leader in tackling the climate and nature emergency.

Charity Sustain analysed all published climate action plans, biodiversity plans, and food strategies for councils across the UK.

It published its findings in the report Every Mouthful Counts, which lists Tower Hamlets Council as one of the top 17 councils for doing “commendably well” and highlights it as a leader.

Lutfur Rahman, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said: “We are fully aware of the danger climate change is posing to our country, and the world, and that is why we have made working towards a clean and green future one of the council’s priorities.

“We are committed to making sure the food in Tower Hamlets is as sustainable as possible, including publishing a council-wide food use strategy to minimise food waste, signing the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration ahead of COP26 in November 2021, and publishing a map of council landholdings.

“We have also declared a climate and nature emergency and have published an action plan for tackling the climate and nature emergency. We are committed to become a carbon neutral council by 2025.

“The health of our planet and human health are inextricably linked. Taking action on the climate and nature emergency through improving our food system also contributes to tackling important health challenges we face.

“I am very pleased that our hard work has been recognised by Sustain.”

The report praised Tower Hamlets Council particularly for:

  • governance because it has declared a climate emergency, and has an action plan with time-bound and measurable targets, and has established a food partnership
  • having targets and plans to increase land for food production through community growing mainly
  • its food waste collection service, which aims to reduce food waste, and redistribute surplus
  • good food for council-controlled meals, including schools, and engaging with businesses to help them serve more climate-friendly food as well.
Posted on Monday 12th December 2022