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The Mayor's High Street Clean Up is coming

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Tower Hamlets’ busiest high streets are getting a deep clean this February and March as part of The Mayor’s Covid Recovery Fund.

The £3 million fund aimed at kickstarting the economic, health and social recovery from Covid-19 in the borough, has set aside over £250,000 for a focussed approach to addressing the pandemic build-up of litter, fly-tipping, graffiti and grime in our high streets and town centres.

A dedicated team from across our services will be out over four weeks to tackle these environmental issues and help fix any broken street furniture and highway wear and tear.

We welcome any community minded volunteers from our local businesses to come and join in to help us make a fresh start in 2022. See the table below for the schedule and meet-up points if you want to participate.




Meet-up point

23 February

Philpot Street, Cannon Street, Commercial Road

Ideas Store, 2pm

24 & 27 February

Watney Market to Shadwell Station

Ideas Store, 2pm

25 & 27 February

Whitechapel Road

Ideas Store, 2pm

26 February

Petticoat Lane Weekday Market (Bell Lane, Goulston Street, Wentworth Street)

Corner of Bell Lane and Wentworth Street, 2pm

2 - 4 March

Brick Lane & Osborne Street

2/3/22 Corner of Whitechapel Rd & Osborne St, 2pm

3/3/22 Junction of Osborne St & Brick Lane, 2pm

4/3/22 Corner of Bethnal Green Rd & Brick Lane, 2pm

5, 6 & 13 March

Bethnal Green Road (Market stretch – Cambridge Heath Rd – Vallance Rd)

Bethnal Green Rd Tube station, 2pm

9 – 10 March

Mile End Road (between Mile End and Bow Road Tube stations)

9/3/22 Bow Rd station (10am, 12pm & 2pm)

10/3/22 Mile End Rd station (10am, 12pm & 2pm)

11-12 March

Burdett Road

Mile End Rd station, 2pm

16 & 18 March

Roman Road (Market Stretch – St Stephens Rd – Parnell Rd)

Ideas Store, 2pm

17 March

Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick Station, 2pm

19 March

Chrisp Street Market, Cordelia Street, Salmon Lane, Aberfeldy Street

Ideas Store, 2pm

21 March

Isle of Dogs (Manchester Road, Westferry)

Westferry Rd Post office (10am)

Island Gardens Station (12pm)

If you are a business or private property owner at any of the above locations, and are happy for our team to tackle unsightly graffiti or stickering on your premises that is visible from the public highway please email to arrange for a visit.

Get involved online

You can tell us what you think about the clean and share your pictures via our social channels.  Remember to tag us using the handles below and use the hashtag #MayorsCleanUp:

Making a lasting difference to our shared spaces

We want this to be the start of something bigger and need our residents and business owners to take part by using a simple approach – Stop it, Tackle it, Report it

Stop it

Promote good behaviour within your communities, own your space and look to your networks to ‘do the right thing’ in their day-to-day activities

Tackle it

Take pride in your local area and get involved daily by keeping your area clean and tidy

Report it

Help us take action by reporting street cleaning and public environment issues via:

-       The council’s free Love Your Neighbourhood app, available on both Android and Apple

-       Going to our Report It page on our website   

-       If there is criminal damage or behaviour involved: 

Remember to take note of the crime reference number

-       If you don’t have access to these channels, then ask a friend to report it on your behalf

Posted on Thursday 17th February 2022