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Reflections for Holocaust Memorial Day 2022


The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 is One Day. It encourages everyone to reflect, learn from the past, empathise with others and help build a better future.

Community and faith leaders will share inspiring written reflections to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day this Thursday 27 January.

Holocaust Memorial Day is an international day for everyone to remember the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust under Nazi prosecution and in the subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur.

Each year, Holocaust Memorial Day takes on a new theme. The theme for this year is One Day. It encourages everyone to reflect on the theme, learn from the past, empathise with others and help build a better future.

John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets; Leon Silver, President, East London Central Synagogue; The Revd. Preb. Alan Green, Tower Hamlets Borough Chaplain, and Interfaith Adviser; and Borough Police Commander, Detective Chief Superintendent Marcus Barnett are amongst 11 leaders who have contributed their reflections which have been compiled into an online booklet that will be shared with residents, faith groups and community organisations.

One day at time; one day to be cherished; or one day in which the world collapses; one day to speak out; and a day to remain quiet; one day for reflection and a day for kindness and forgiveness are some of their written thoughts.

John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said: “Tower Hamlets has always been a place of refuge and diversity, and a place where people stand shoulder to shoulder with each other. As we remember the millions who lost their lives during the Holocaust and other genocides, we continue to celebrate our differences, stand together and share values such as tolerance and respect.”

As well as reading the reflections, people in Tower Hamlets can join in several events to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 including a film screening and a talk with Holocaust survivor Ivan Shaw.

Council and police officers will also host information stalls at Idea Store Whitechapel and the Town Hall, Mulberry Place on 27 January from 10am to 1pm, where they will encourage visitors to sign the borough’s No Place for Hate pledge.

Detective Chief Superintendent Marcus Bennett said: “It is so important that we never forget the truly horrific acts that took place all those years ago. The number of people that lost their lives and the families they left behind is heart-breaking.

“We must also take stock of where we are now and just how much more we still have to do. The devastating impact that hate crime can have on both individuals and communities can never be underestimated and where it takes place, we absolutely must challenge it and hold those perpetrators to account.

“One Day I hope that all members of our communities feel valued, loved and embraced equally regardless of their individuality. It is only once we live in a truly inclusive society that we can say we have learnt the lessons of the past.”

Leon Silver, President of East London Central Synagogue, said: “The lessons of the past must never be forgotten. Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur are reminders of how easily society can slip into barbarism. One Day, hopefully soon, we will all learn to live together in peace, friendship and loving kindness.”

Posted on Tuesday 25th January 2022