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Tower Hamlets Council will bring housing management services in-house

Housing services currently managed by Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) are set to be transferred to Tower Hamlets Council, following a decision by Cabinet last night.

A timetable for the transition will be developed over the coming months, in discussion with Tower Hamlets Council, THH, staff and stakeholders, with the aim of completing the move by the end of this year.

Tenants and leaseholders do not need to do anything and will continue to access their services in the same way. The change does not affect tenancy and leasehold agreements.

The decision, subject to a five-day call-in period, was agreed at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 22 February, held in the Council Chambers at the Town Hall in Whitechapel.

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, said:

“This decision marks an important step forward in the way we deliver housing management services. Housing is one of our top priorities and I am pleased that we are putting it at the forefront of the council.

“I am committed to ensuring that council tenants and leaseholders get the best service possible, and we can do that much more effectively under one roof.

“The council and Tower Hamlets Homes will continue working closely together to ensure a seamless transition for tenants and leaseholders. We will be communicating with them, as well as our staff and other partners, every step of the way.”

THH was set up in 2008 to allow the borough to qualify for the government’s Decent Homes fund, which ended in 2017.

Aims of bringing services back in-house include: to help join-up housing and other council services to make it easier for residents to get what they need; to give residents a strong voice into the council to help improve standards; to ensure the council is closer to critical issues such as fire and building safety; and to provide services for the best value.

Tower Hamlets Council carried out a consultation on the future of services for people living in council homes, including the option to bring Tower Hamlets Homes back in-house, between 24 October and 18 December 2022.

Over 86% of council tenants and leaseholders, who took part in the consultation, agreed that housing management services should be brought back in house under the direct control of the council.

Information for tenants and leaseholders and the consultation summary report are available to read at www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/talkhousing

Posted on Thursday 23rd February 2023