Start date for free market parking changes announced

Brick Lane (1Jun17) -30
New parking rules which will help boost the local economy and make it easier to get around the borough, have been confirmed to come into effect from 1 February.

Tower Hamlets Council is introducing one-hour free parking at its nine markets to encourage more people to use this important local economy.

There will be a total of 248 existing parking bays, within approximately 100 metres of a market, which will offer the one-hour free parking.

Residents can book their slot by phoning 020 3046 0010 or by downloading the RingGo app on their phone.

Residents can then choose to extend their stay by paying for parking if they wish.

Alongside this, the council is also changing resident parking in the borough.

Instead of having a number of small parking zones, those with resident parking permits will be able to park in one of four larger areas for free.

This will make it easier for people to find a space to park in the borough.

You will not need to reapply for a parking permit as the update will be made automatically. 

The below map shows the four new zones. For example, if you live in zone B, you will be able to park in all of zone B.

Zonal update for markets parking 2023

Lutfur Rahman, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said:

“Our markets are an important part of our borough. Sadly, the current economic crisis is causing some traders difficulties, but we hope that this free parking will encourage more people to take advantage of our fantastic local markets which sell everything from electronics to fish, vegetables to clothing.

“I am also pleased to introduce the four parking zones to make parking in the borough easier for all our residents.

“Of course, we always encourage people to use public transport when possible, but understand that this is not always possible for everyone and therefore want to make sure everyone has access to the best transport option for their needs.”

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Posted on Monday 30th January 2023