'Local Plan' is not a widely understood term, online survey suggests

urban greening

Urban Greening

An Instagram poll hosted by the council has found that over half of respondents don’t know what a ‘Local Plan’ is.

As the council has launched its early engagement on the new Tower Hamlets Local Plan, its Strategic Planning Team wants to share information on what the term means and how it impacts the local community.

More results found that over a third (36 per cent) of respondents do know and 10 per cent ‘somewhat’ know what a Local Plan is.

A Local Plan sets out policies to guide and manage development in an area; each council must develop one.

This means that if someone wants to develop a new building or change its use, they should make sure it follows the policies in the relevant Local Plan. The policies do not only apply to buildings, for example, the policies would also apply to a development of a new park or a house conversion.

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The council prepares the plan with input from the local community and this input is received through engagement and consultations. It must also be in line with planning policy requirements set out by national and regional government.

The Local Plan will reflect the current challenges and needs of an area and ensure the priorities of the community are put first.

So, if you have ever thought that there should be more green spaces in Tower Hamlets or, have wanted to share your opinions on how to make the borough a better place to live, then the council wants to hear from you.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman said:

“The Local Plan is important as it impacts things like where new homes are built, the height of new buildings, the amount of office space provided and the environmental impact of new developments in the borough.

“It will ensure that through planning, we find ways to help tackle impacts of the cost-of-living, such as overcrowding, delivering new, affordable homes for the future, accelerating education and boosting culture, business, jobs and leisure.

“Your views will help to shape the policies that are included in the plan, so I encourage you all to get involved, share your thoughts and have a say in the future of Tower Hamlets.”

The plan will address a number of themes including green spaces, housing, economy, transport, infrastructure and local services.

How can you have your say?

  1. Follow the StoryMap platform and complete the online survey
  2. Provide written comments

Early engagement is the start of the discussion for the new Local Plan and will run until Wednesday 8 March 2023.

Following this early engagement event, we will begin drafting policy ahead of consultation on a Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) in summer 2023.

Find more information about the new Local Plan and how you can have your say.

Posted on Thursday 2nd March 2023