Crafty Kids - eco-weaving

Poplar Union
Young people
Sunday 13th January 2019 (13:30-15:00)
Turn discarded materials and items into fun and funky treasures at Poplar Union's monthly Crafty Kids Parties! It’s arts and crafts, but not as you know it… 

With guidance from local textile artist and tutor, Maud Barrett, the Crafty Kids will focus on a different project each month. 

13 January: Eco-Weaving 
Learn the art of weaving using up-cycled mini looms and plastic yarns and other recycled materials. 

2 February: Valentines Heart Boxes 
Get to grips with the technique of decoupage using colourful paper, pieces of magazine and old flyers and create a beautiful gift this Valentines. 

2 March: Women of the World Puppet Making 
Using reclaimed fabric and broken jewellery, create your own puppet inspired by influential women from vibrant and diverse cultures and countries!