Layers - Black History Month 2019

192-196 Hanbury Street, Brady Arts Centre, Whitechapel
Cultural events, Galleries and exhibitions, Libraries and literature
Tuesday 1st (09:00) - Wednesday 30th October 2019 (19:00)

020 7364 7900

BHM 2019 brochure cover

Layers is a photographic portrait series exploring womanhood and ageing. The series features women from various backgrounds and ethnicities, aged between 19 and 90 years, photographed in front of an evolving flower wall during the period of a month, including a scientist, a Team GB gold medal winner, a journalist, a musician, an artist and a writer.

Over the course of the month, layers of freshly picked British flowers were added to the wall as the project progressed. The added layers represented the growth and depth of wisdom women gain as life progresses, while ageing flowers indicate the passage of time. 

For Black History Month at the Brady Arts Centre, portraits were selected from the Layers project of several young women at different stages of their lives. These five women include a writer, a scientist, a photographer, an actor and a lawyer.