Day 2: Get ready for Business

Business, Workshops and activities
Wednesday 27th May 2020 (10:00-17:00)

The support is provided via online workshops, weekly online SiLL registration, one to one online support (after 6 hours of workshops completed) and email support and signposting via   

Image of British Library post advertising Start-up In London Libraries programme

British Library Start Ups in London Libraries

SILL programme overview

The council have partnered with the British Library to bring to you Start-ups in London Libraries (SiLL), a programme providing free business support to entrepreneurs from all walks of life across 10 boroughs! Through SiLL, you can

  • research and test your business idea
  • research and test your market and find out how you can adapt your business idea
  • participate in expert-run workshops, learn how to start or grow a business
  • gain one-on-one support until you're up and running, and for any challenges that arise after the launch of your start-up
  • become part of London's thriving entrepreneurial community.

These meetings are held over Zoom and a meeting link will be sent to you prior to the day of booking. These have been moved online for the upcoming months due to the Covid-19 situation.

Our webinars are still highly interactive and give you a chance to meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

SILL programme eligibility

SiLL is available to persons aged 16+ who are living in London. Out of this group, two types of entrepreneurs are eligible to join, which are:

  • anyone who has an idea that they want to turn into a business; or
  • anyone who has a current business that has been registered with Companies House or HMRC for less than 12 months. (including dormancy period).

Before the online event, you should also sign up to the SiLL programme by filling out the SILL registration form

The SiLL programme is offered 100 per cent free-of-charge, but it is required that our participants complete a form so we can ensure that you get the most out of your experience with us.

All data that you provide via the forms is strictly protected along GDPR requirements.