Am I British Bengali? (Ami Ki British Bangali?)

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Thursday 19th November 2020 (18:15-19:15)


  • Join us at 18:15 on 19 November for the live, online Q and A via Zoom! 
  • Sit back, relax at home, and watch the pre-recorded production at a time that suits you.
  • The performance is 30 minutes long and will be available from 16:15 on 19 November, and for 48 hours after the discussion. 
  • Register for the performance and to participate in the Q and A.
  • Free of charge
  • Language: English. This performance is subtitled.


Ami Ki, British Bangali? delivers three empowering tales of modern British Bengalis, exploring identity, displacement and belonging. Tamarind weaves storytelling with music, song and dance to connect generations and inspire positive debate.

 Story 1, Nurse Meena’s Loyalty, looks at the encounter between a health worker and her line manager, who questions her loyalty. Story 2, Dancer’s High Life, takes a deep retrospective look into an artist’s inner mind and psyche. Story 3, Our New Belonging, is based upon an elderly person speaking to someone much younger, who’s facing life challenges. 

This bold, experimental collaboration by Tamarind Theatre brings together international artists: Arunima Kumar multi-award winning and globally celebrated Kuchipudi dancer, and choreographer (Arunima Kumar Dance Company).


Cast and production team

Sadia Afroz Chowdhury versatile classical singer, tv artist and teacher;

Delwar Hossain Dilu renowned international singer, artist of stage and television;

Sparsh Bajpai, young virtuoso international soprano, trained at Royal College of Music

Rez Kabir stage & screen artist and also the writer and director. They have created a show which reflects new stories for a modern diaspora, and helping to uplift and inspire it audiences. Our thanks also to Mukul Ahmed ad Annamarie Erces for their assistance.


About the company

Tamarind Theatre are keen to share the enjoyment of theatre and storytelling with you. Formed in 2009, they are dedicated to creating stories and projects which provide better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. They continue to develop their craft and develop a new generation of storytellers to entertain and inspire audiences, and to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world.