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Thursday 19th November 2020 (18:15)

  • Join us at 18:15 on 19 November for the live, online Q and A via Zoom! 
  • Sit back, relax at home, and watch the pre-recorded production at a time that suits you.
  • The performance is 30 minutes long and will be available from 17:15 on 19 November, and for 48 hours after the discussion. 
  • Register for the performance and to participate in the Q and A.
  • Free of charge
  • Language: Bangla and English. This will have English subtitles.


There was once a powerful landlord (zamindar), Mr Raza Chowdhury, who had vast property and wealth. He was also respected for his good nature and sense of honour.

 When he was young, he married a beautiful and educated woman whose father was also a landlord. Sadly, she died while giving birth to a baby boy.  Following local tradition, the widowed Zamindar unofficially marries one of his wife’s bridesmaids to look after him and his newborn child.

 His ‘wife’ also gave birth to a boy who, unfortunately, had no claim to be a member of the Zamindar’s family and no right to call his father ‘abba’ or ‘daddy’.  He must call his father Boroshab.  His job is to look after the landlord, do housework and be a man servant. He has no right to go to school. Mr Chowdhury’s first son is treated in accordance with his status as heir to his father’s empire and is sent to London to complete his studies in law.   The second son continues to look after Mr Chowdhury despite now having his own wife and daughter, Putul.  She cannot call her grandfather ‘Dada’, and questions why she had to call her grandfather Boroshab.


Cast and production team

Cast: Gulzar Ahmed, Muhib Chowdhury, Shahidul Islam, Mohammed Jahangir Alam and Wafia Islam

Writer and director: Muhib Chowdhury

Producer: Gulzar Ahmed

Stage Set by Shahidul Islam

Costume by Akhter hussain

Music by Nowshad Mahfuz and Zahidul Islam

Marketing by Anwar Hussain Anu and Mohammad Jahangir Alam

Sound by Mohammad Ali

Light by Mizan Ahmed

About the Company

Message Cultural Group started in late 1999 and has grown ever since with talented members who are keen to spread its messages throughout the community using the medium of culture. They are based in Tower Hamlets and uphold British-Bengali values, in order to raise awareness of a variety of issues.