Coming of Age Poetry

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Wednesday 18th November 2020 (18:15-19:00)


  • Sit back, relax at home, and watch the pre-recorded production at a time that suits you.
  • Join us at 18:15 on 18 November for the live, online Q and A via Zoom! 
  • The performance is 30 minutes long and will be available from 17:15 on 18 November, and for 48 hours after the discussion. 
  • Register for the performance and to participate in the Q and A.
  • Free of charge
  • Language: English and BSL. This performance will be subtitled.


‘Coming of age’ is about growth. It is also about transition. Everyone can relate to stories about ‘coming of age’ as it is universal but also unique to each individual. Coming of age stories are coated in nostalgia about the past and moving towards the inevitable future.

 We, a group of cross-generational British poets of Bangladeshi heritage met up virtually over the lockdown to explore this theme of growing, moving forward and transitioning. Not just as individuals but also as a community, the British-Bangladeshi community. The conversations resulted in an eclectic amalgamation of collaborative poetry (group poetry) where each contributed verses as well as individual poems. In this performance: ‘Coming of Age Poetry’, you are going witness our stories, through movement, sound and physical sculpture.


Cast and production team

BBPC poets who contributed to the script: Muneera Munier, Farah Naz, Eeshita Azad, Simon Etter, Sadeq Ahmad Chowdhury, Shumi Islam, Rumy Haque, Nikhat Hoque, Tasmia Tahia, Ershad Alamgir and Mike Raggett

Performers:  Shumi Islam, Rumy Haque, Ershad Alamgir, Amber Grace (Dancer)

Director: Eeshita Azad

Programme Coordinator: Farah Naz

Audio Design: Ershad Alamgir

BSL Interpreter: TBC

Advisors: Shamim Azad and Mike Raggett


About the company

BBPC (British Bangladeshi Poetry Collective) is made of poets and poetry lovers, with a focus on bilingual and intergenerational sharing of poetry. We use poetry as a tool to expand the British-Bengali identity, explore and celebrate the generational heritage of British-Bangladeshi culture here in the UK. Our work involves performance, writing, translation and publication.