Everyone's Story (Sabalok Golpo)

Drama, Dance and Performance, Season of Bangla Drama, Workshops and activities, Young people
Sunday 15th November 2020 (13:30-14:30)
Sobalok Young People Creative Writing

'Coming of Age' is a right of passage that is understood and experienced in most cultures. This exciting creative writing project gives space to two groups of young people, one based in the UK and one in Bangladesh, to collaborate and share their thoughts and feelings on what their experiences and aspirations are on this theme.

Through a series of  Zoom workshops, the two groups have come together to share ideas and viewpoints, molded by their different cultural  and societal experiences. The results form a series of short creative writing pieces that question and provoke debate about the differences and, indeed, some similarities in their experience of traditions, expectations, independence and challenges of emerging from childhood to adulthood. 

Join us for the results of this fantastic creative writing project, which has connected youth cultures across continents in the time of Covid. This project has been partnered with Yusuf Munna, from the organisation 'Reflective Teens' in Bangladesh.


About the company and people

Rokshana Khan is a successful theatre practitioner with over 30 years experience in writing, directing and performing numerous plays, in English and Bengali. She was the the co-founder and artistic director of Tamarind Theatre Company and she was she was also a Creative Director of ‘Between the Lines’, a People's Palace Project.

 Yusuf Munna is a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur, writer, and a proud gen Z'er. 

Reflective Teens is a platform which supports the creativity of the teenagers and helps develop their skills and abilities for the future.