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Cultural events, Drama, Dance and Performance, Season of Bangla Drama
Sunday 15th November 2020 (16:15-17:15)
Theatre Shine
  • Join us at 16:15 on 15 November for the live, online Q and A via Zoom! 
  • Sit back, relax at home, and watch the pre-recorded production at a time that suits you.
  • The performance is 45 minutes long and will be available from 14:15 on 15 November, and for 48 hours after the discussion. 
  • Register for the performance and to participate in the Q and A.
  • Free of charge



This story recounts how a relationship gradually evolves and makes a complete world of love and friendship.  It also highlights the effects of relationship breakdown, which poisons the wider atmosphere and makes reconciliation difficult.

It tells the story of an ordinary couple and their life, as a metaphor for the relationship between two nations and two religions against the backdrop of 70th year of partition of India. 

The married couple physically co-exist but on different wavelengths. Their small child observes their life. The play ends with their separation, symbolising the partition of India. It focuses on political and social issues, but uses everyday objects and mime movements as visual prompts in place of dialogue.

Please note that this non-verbal theatre technique uses sounds and gibberish accents for communication based on post-modern theatre practice.


Cast and production team

Cast: Suvojit Bandyopadhyay, Raktim Goswami, Manjira Dey, Subhomay Dey, Santanu Panda, Sumit Mahindra, Sourav Chakraborty, Ranabir Das, Dipak Samaddar, Debobroto Paul, Ashok Kamila and Sourav Banerjee

Concept devised by company

Direction by Suvojit Bandyopadhyay 

Design and costume by Suvojit Bandyopadhyay

Music by Souvik Haldar

Light by Deep Chakraborty

Artwork by Suparna Roy and Aniruddha Biswas

Make up by Manjira Dey and Suparna Roy 

Property Manager, Santanu Panda 

 Supported by I & C.A. Government of West Bengal, India

 About the company

Theatre Shine started in 2010 by likeminded young people with a passion for theatre. They aim to create innovative theatre based on the Indian and European classical theatre forms as well experiment by breaking conservative thought of contemporary theatre. They have worked national and internationally with a new production every year as well as workshops to further develop their theatre practice.